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Date and Time: 

19 February, Saturday - 7:30pm

Level 2 Rooftop, Design Orchard 



‘Tiramisu mocked their dignified surrounds with a drill of rock n roll-meets-disordered disco, doused with a slash of punk.’ 

-The Straits Times


Formed in 1998, Tiramisu started out as a mere project by 5 art school students brandishing a clown rock jamboree with devastated disco discontent. Tiramisu’s balance of kitsch and cock rock with the subject of the human condition made the band a regular fixture in the independent gig listings in Singapore and Malaysia.

In its recent years, the band has won Best Sound in collaboration with Phillip Tan, for Desire at the Melancholic String Concert at the 2012 ST Life! Theatre Awards, released their In Between The Folds EP, as well as appearing at several local festivals. The band has a history of defying the norms and they are known for their endless surprises and spontaneous experiences at their live performances.

Instagram: @tiramisuism

Facebook: tiramisuism

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Design Orchard

250 Orchard Road, Singapore 238905

Monday - Sunday

Opening hours: 11am to 9pm

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