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the levels

level one

Shop @ Design Orchard

Check out Design Orchard’s sprawling showcase of over 90 local designers and brands – you’ll be sure to find something that piques your fancy.

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level two

Work @ Design Orchard

An exclusive incubation space for Singapore’s designers, with resources like professional sewing equipment, a Fabric Library and other services.

Reception The Cocoon Space.jpg


From individual work stations, shared work spaces to private office solutions, The Cocoon Space houses facilities and amenties for various business and creative needs.

Open Space-30Jan.jpg


From a private amphitheatre to a studio space drapped in lush greenery, it is perfect for designers to launch their collections, or for customised workshops.

Tencel Studio.jpg


An ideal space for the gathering the best of class - suitable brainstorming, workshops, classes, seminars, teambuilding events, presentations, discussions and con-calls. ​

Meeting Room.jpg


An airy space equipped with industrial grade machines for rental and use by aspiring or experienced fashion designer.

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level three

NowAfter @ Design Orchard

Take a sip of coffee and a bite of 

Korean-inspired bakes that match

the minimalist monochrome

hues of the cafe.


the rooftop

Chill @ Design Orchard

Head up to the rooftop to enjoy the view from our public amphitheater and events space and watch the world go by.

For enquiries, please contact: for the outdoor space for the indoor space

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