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‘The Non Season’ curated and presented by creative collective Hyphen BB led by May Leong, Becca D’Bus and Bobby Luo is a public art and lifestyle activation at Design Orchard supported by National Arts Council (NAC) and Singapore Tourism Board (STB).


Featuring over 20 Singaporean/Singapore-based artists and designers including the likes of Mike Chang, Divaagar, Aki Hassan, Marla Bendini and Kristal Melson taking over the interiors and exteriors of the Design Orchard building with visually impactful, humorous and topical art activations during the period of 17 Feb – 10 April 2022, these installations will be complemented by a series of multi-disciplinary programmes including workshops, panel discussions, live performances and heritage tours.


STB has also partnered with the Textile and Fashion Federation (TaFF) to feature exclusive fashion and lifestyle merchandise – developed in collaboration with artists and local brands – that will retail at Design Orchard during this period.


‘The Non Season’ encourages a rethink of Orchard Road precinct’s history and legacy, spurring renewed interest and curiosity in the area and its past.

Curatorial Statement

The project takes as its inspiration, a distinct reality for Singaporean fashion brands: that the international fashion convention of seasonal collections is almost completely irrelevant. This reality increasingly holds true for global brands too.


‘The Non Season’ at Design Orchard is simultaneously an invitation and a challenge. An invitation to imagine structures that might better serve our lives, beyond seasonal needs; and a challenge, to boldly defy existing frames and to insist on our own. ‘The Non Season’ is also a nod to moments, communities and subcultures that have historically nomadically inhabited the Orchard Road precinct. A precinct ostensibly designed as a veritable temple to capitalism is paradoxically also a space in which communities have formed in spite of the premium on space and spending. That energy deserves celebration. 

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