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The Brands

Shop exclusive artist and designer collabs at Design Orchard Retail Showcase.

ANS.EIN x Deborah Chan

Cocoonese x Victoria Hertel

Sabrina Goh x Ashley Yeo

Singapore Memories x Daiso One/Studio Juliat/Bai Tianyuan

Wettee Designs x Toh Bee Suan/Daiso One/Ben Puah/Zhang Ming Yang

The 1925 Brewing Co x Almostasthma/Bai Tianyuan/Cllre Chong/nsogallery by Nadia So/Studio Juliat/TheStoryteller by Eudora


in collaboration with

Deborah Chan

The inspiration behind Deborah's painting - "Transition" is to encourage the audience to take a bold step forward and believe the process of entering into a new phase amid the chaos and unrest circumstances. 


To turn this beautiful painting into wearable art, ANS..EIN combines it with Lurik fabric: a traditional fabric made using hand-woven techniques


in collaboration with

Victoria Hertel

The collaborative collection with Cocoonese unfolded from a fusion of painting, digital imaging and textile printing. The vibrant array of biomorphic shapes which characterise this collection highlight aesthetics of the organic. In saturated hues with nebulous nuances of pastels and sporadic bursts of vibrant tones, the motifs encapsulate an energetic atmosphere of the renewal, change and exchange found in nature.


The collection will consist of Tote Bags, Sling Bags, Handbags and Clutches.

Sabrina Goh

in collaboration with

Ashley Yeo

Lending minimalist and architectural leanings from SABRINAGOH to the collaboration, Sabrina creates a 10-pieces capsule collection consisting of clothing and accessories designs with Ashley Yeo’s original drawing called The Whale and Irises Collection.

Singapore Memories

in collaboration with

Daiso One/Studio Juliat/Bai Tianyuan

Specializing in Orchids of Asia and bringing them to customers in the form of perfumes, room scents, essential oils and bath bombs made from their therapeutic & fragrant orchids, Singapore Memories’ olfactory work ranges from commercial scent to scent art.


In this spirit they have partnered with three amazing Singaporean artists to created limited edition packaging.

Wet Tee Shirt

in collaboration with

Toh Bee Suan/Ben Puah/Daiso One/Zhang Ming Yang

Established in 2014, Wet Tee Shirt aims to bring Singaporeans closer together with shared childhood memories to entrench a deeper Singapore culture. In this collaboration, the team worked with 4 artists to create a capsule collection featuring different art designs.