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Dragged and Drawn

Featuring Max Tan Archive

Modeled by Zelda Tatiana

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Date & Time:


17 February, Thursday - 5:00pm to 7:30pm

Level 1, Design Orchard Retail Showcase

In a series of evening sessions, participants are invited to sit, slow down, consider and draw a model posing in looks created by fashion luminaries from the Singapore scene. Sessions are open to participants of all abilities, and include short and long poses. Prizes to be won in themed rounds! These sessions are created and hosted by Becca D’Bus who brings on with her friends who model, design and style.

About the host:

Becca D’Bus

Born at the age of 27 in Boston, Becca D’Bus is Singapore’s biggest drag queen. She is the producer and host of Commotion, the only regular drag revue in Singapore, happening every Monday and Tuesday at The Projector. She enjoys making meaning through entertainment, garments, performance and organizing. In the times before the pandemic, Becca was also a producer and host of The Glory Hoes present film parties, and her drag revue series RIOT!. She has performed, produced and hosted at festivals including The Singapore Night Festival, Neon Lights, The Singapore Theatre Festival.

Instagram: @beccadbus

About the model: 

Zelda Tatiana 顏橦 is a multitalented independent arts practitioner who has founded  GroundZ-0 原。空間 and is currently the Executive Producer and the Creative Director of the company. GroundZ-0 has been invited and commissioned in Singapore’s various festivals  which include - Singapore Writers Festival 2021 (by The Arts House), Huayi Festival 2020 (by Esplanade - Theatre on the Bay), Light to Night Festival 2019 - Bicentennial Edition (by National Gallery Singapore) and Singapore International Festival of Arts 2018.


In 2017, Zelda Tatiana participated in Gekio (Asia) Playwright Competition in Nagoya/Japan and her bilingual (Mandarin/Cantonese) work - Always on My Mind 《我在你左右》was selected as Judges’ Favourite.


Zelda’s works are often multilingual, immersive and interactive and her explorations and research often involves languages, humanity, psychologies and various sciences. She is interested in classical forms like Chinese Opera and Noh and always intrigued by new media genres such as AI/AR/VR in the contemporary theatre and film.

Facebook: Zelda Tatiana Ng; GroundZ0Point

About Max Tan
Serious but never severe, minimal but never simple, fragile but never weak.

Experiments with quirk cuts and expanding on extremely simple ideas define the MAX.TAN language. Maximizing on minimalistic ideas, this complex language results in details that are sometimes blown out of proportion. Much of the label’s attention is paid to tailoring and draping while creating unexpected silhouettes and austere moods. The garments play with volume, modified shapes and use, masculine, feminine, oversized, undersized, deconstruction, reconstruction and transformation.

As a brand based in Singapore, the studio questions its position and contribution as a label based in South East Asia – cuts informed by South East Asian garment archetypes and challenging traditional techniques. We are inspired by all elements that defines the South East Asian style, from lifestyle, architecture and the construction of heritage garments.

Tinkering with icons of the past cannot be approached superficially. Innovation through an inspired synthesis of the old and new, sleek and kitschy, heritage and modernity, Western and Eastern, must be done with finesse, authenticity and respect.

These factors form the underlying DNA of MAX.TAN. The label advocates an alternative and quiet fashion lifestyle.

Instagram: @maxtanstudio

Stay tuned for Sessions 2 and 3!

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