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Aki Hassan

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Artist Statement:

For ‘The Non Season’, Aki Hassan will be presenting a series of metal sculptures, accompanied by clear resin objects. They drew inspiration from the existing hanger and rack structures found in Design Orchard and the way objects sit, hang, fall and settle on them. Aki's process took an absurd turn when they began to think of the work of these metal structures as labour. In this case, the labour is to continue holding and probing objects up as the priorities of a storefront lie in the display of the objects and their commodification. Aki's sculptures explore a resistance to this overt need for functionality, as we think about rest and making allowances for these structures to take a break.

On view from 11 March - 10 April 2022.

Artist's Previous Works:

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About the Artist:

Aki Hassan is a multi-disciplinary visual artist whose practice shifts between drawing, printed matter, sculpture and installation. They are invested in how forms, materialities and objects encounter one another in both concrete and metaphorical terms. Through carefully placed forms and object installations, Aki observes their interrelations and interdependence through a play in balance and proximity. The activities and vocabularies revealed in this process continues to fuel and ground Aki’s practice. They see their art practice as a process and tool to reflect on existing support systems (or lack thereof); to locate strength, shifts and imbalances in exchange.


Instagram: @akihassans

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