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Design Orchard is proud to bring you lifestyle experiences in conjunction with the inaugural Wellness Festival Singapore which was launched to promote holistic wellbeing and position Singapore as a leading Urban Wellness haven. The 10-day line-up across the island features over 120 offerings such as fitness classes, meditation workshops as well as arts and lifestyle experiences that boost one’s overall wellbeing.

At the newly revamped Design Orchard, you can find the following activations and ticketed events

below specially curated for you.


What are you waiting for? Sign up now to secure your spot – space is limited!

Sage & Ylang: Secrets to Healthier and Radiant Skin

Sage & Ylang: Secrets to Healthier and Radiant Skin

Join us in this 1 hour workshop to find out more about your skin's health!

Jill Lowe Wellness Workshop

Jill Lowe Wellness Workshop

Sit in with us as Jill Lowe share tips and solutions towards having healthier skin in this Wellness Workshop!

Artisan of Sense - Fragrance Workshop

Artisan of Sense - Fragrance Workshop

Making your own handcrafted, non-toxic and plant-based products that you can truly feel good about!

Post-Natal Management and Nutrition

Post-Natal Management and Nutrition

Getting your pre-pregnancy shape back can be a challenge, but be sure not to rush into it.

Panel Discussion Talk: The Importance of a Balanced and Healthy Lifestyle

Panel Discussion Talk: The Importance of a Balanced and Healthy Lifestyle

Join us for a discussion on the Importance of a Balanced Lifestyle with our exciting line-up of panellists!

To Be Calm Essential Oil Interactive Rollerball Workshop

To Be Calm Essential Oil Interactive Rollerball Workshop

Enjoy a fun and informative session with To Be Calm as we take you on a journey of the benefits of Essential Oils

our shop in shop:

Jill Lowe


Pioneering image consulting since 1985, Jill Lowe saw skin issues as the predominant factor affecting one's confidence, preventing many from their success. This burden propelled Jill to investing much into R&D for skin solutions - vital in rebuilding one's character and image. "Jill Lowe Skincare Exclusives" was then launched in 1993 together with a manufacturing facility. Today, Jill is constantly on a lookout for the latest methods and technology, curating her natural skincare solutions to suit every individual's needs.

featured brands

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Elizabeth and Victoria first met in Singapore in 2011. Elizabeth trained as a medical doctor, Victoria has a marketing background with a keen interest in health and wellbeing. Together they share a common belief that functional medicine is the future of wellbeing. An integrated strategy that targets diet, lifestyle and a personalised approach to optimising health in an individual.


Akesi’s reputation speaks for itself. The company carries a strong track record of customers reporting better health outcomes after taking the products. Nutritionists and doctors are endorsing Akesi and also buying the plant-based Bio-Fermented Tonics for their own families.



Barebodies is a solutions-orientated brand dedicated to exploring and innovating for

every body.

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KYDRA understands the motivations and struggles you will face in your fitness journey. No matter which stage you are at, we promise to be with you the entire way. We strive to provide our customers with fitness apparel of quality and comfort to withstand intense workouts. With fitness as a priority, problematic activewear should be the least of your worries. 

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Hey, I'm Ollie!


I live, breathe and dream oils.


I travel the world to find the best. The farmers and distillers are my friends.


For me this is personal. I’m trying to make the best quality oils accessible,and dispel myths and misinformation along the way.


No chemicals. No drama. No fuss.

No frou frou.


Just pure, natural essential oils. The way mama earth made it, the way I like it.

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More than half of the world's population classify their skin as sensitive and COVID-19 pandemic has cause this problem to continue rising. There're very limited products for this skin type and most contain petro-chemical ingredients.  


Our company sets out to innovate microbiome products for sensitive skin that are customisable to 4 other skin problems. Be it sensitive skin that are oily, acne-prone, fine wrinkles, or uneven skin tone, we have your back. Our products calm and soothe your skin fast and are also 100% biodegradable. 

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To Be Calm is the brainchild of Cherylynne Clews, who developed a love of fragrance in the most simplistic of ways at a very young age, playing in the garden and noticing as she brushed against flowers and leaves the release of perfume was simply beautiful. Like all of us, life can sometimes get in the way of passion. She moved into the corporate world and had a very successful corporate career with American Express, reporting into New York, bringing her

to Singapore.


Noticing and experiencing the benefits her friends and colleagues enjoyed with fragrance and wishing to embrace her passion and share the benefits of fragrance further,  she launched To Be Calm, always with the premise that fragrance can create an optimal state of mind.

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Yumi Active celebrates everyday women with a zest for life, who glow with strength, confidence and beauty. Beginning with design that turns heads and an obsession with quality, Yumi Active blends inspiration from haute couture and Asian influences to create high quality workout apparel and accessories for the modern, fashion savvy woman.



Anya Active is on a mission to encourage women to adopt an active lifestyle and embrace their bodies. We design and make quality activewear to help you feel strong and confident, so you can feel your best in your workouts. Our sizes range from XS to 3XL – since movement is for everybody, and we strive to make activewear for every body.




We believe that true beauty comes from the confidence of being comfortable in your own skin. We bring you “clean” products that are luxurious yet highly effective, developed with multi-tasking active ingredients fused with ancient eastern beauty tools and techniques for clear, naturally beautiful skin.


We look at skin care as an immersive experience that is not only nourishing to your skin but also emotionally fulfilling. We believe that the few moments spent alone while doing your skin care is a small window where one can truly enjoy “me-time” while pampering your skin in an indulgent experience created by Baréskin.


We aspire to create a social movement towards self acceptance and self love in a world that truly needs it. Building a community around our ethos is a very integral part of our long-term brand vision.


The Baréskin Circle of Trust

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We are a local homegrown brand specialising in handcrafted bath and body care products. All our products are made in Singapore. We are about creating spa moments in your everyday life and believe in embracing the beauty of all things natural & handcrafted. 


Created with sustainability in mind to be gentle on your skin as well as on the environment. All our products are formulated using skin loving ingredients and are free from skin irritants such as parabens, SLS, phthalates and other

harsh chemicals. 



Mochi skin is firm, supple, and hydrated with an inner glow and brightness to it. 


RE:ERTH was founded with the belief that healthy skin is beautiful skin. Every product created is a result of dedication to quality, simplicity, and sustainability. Rooted in patented nature-derived ingredients, university-backed science, and Japanese wellness practices, all products are fast-absorbing, suitable for all skin types, and all climates, gently transforming skin into healthy, mochi skin.

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Soul Good Project is a holistic wellness brand dedicated to self-love by way of loving your mind, body and soul.  


All our products comprise of natural ingredients sourced from around the world and carefully curated with your needs in mind. We believe that small changes will lead to bigger impact not only within ourselves, but to the environment. 


We want to build a community that support each other through ongoing projects.  


A journey of discovery, constantly evolving and involving you. 

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Founder of sustainable luxury home fragrance brand TEMPLE Candles, Kendall Hamill, is an Interior Designer by trade who has a passion for creating high-end home fragrances inspired by Singapore.


“The idea for TEMPLE Candles came about after an endless search for that perfect Singapore-inspired gift for visiting family & friends.  


As an candle obsessed Interior Designer, I love the final touch & ambience that fragrance adds to a room.  Also understanding the powerful memory-evoking abilities of scent, I was inspired to create not only the finest home fragrances, but sophisticated statement pieces of home décor that people could take home with them to remember their romantic travels of the Far East & Singapore”.   


Made with sustainable, toxin-free & organic ingredients. Proudly made in Singapore.



Artisan of Sense is a brand of handcrafted candles and organic room sprays, made from a sophisticated blend of eco-friendly soy wax, natural lead-free cotton wicks and 100% pure and therapeutic grade essential oils.

Each scent is fresh and uplifting and contains no phthalates, paraben, sulfates and toxins.



Finix is a contemporary athleisure label that champions mindfulness, movement and self-expression. We are focused on creating active apparel and products that support the lifestyles of individuals in the yoga, dance and movement communities.


Featuring a unique genderless style with an Asian perspective, our contemporary designs are characterised by a more relaxed fit and cut that are meant not just for him or her – but everyone.



Imagine activewear you can do everything in while worrying about nothing. Workout clothes designed to last, crafted for performance, and hella cute and comfy - did we mention

eco-friendly too?


That’s long been our dream, so one day, we decided we’d turn it into reality.


So here you go: sustainable activewear made upcycled from post-consumer plastic waste that keeps you looking good and feeling good while you lunch, lounge, and lunge (or whatever else it is you enjoy doing).

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You know that incredible feeling you get from drinking a kale loaded smoothie, or eating a superfood salad lunch? Rooki transforms your favourite superfoods into antioxidant, vitamin and phytonutrient rich skincare products, so that your skin can feel incredible, too.


We chose the name Rooki because we wanted to make skincare so easy, even a rookie could use it. Our goal from the very beginning was to create a brand that was fresh, modern and made applying skincare a breeze - while harnessing the power of superfoods for glowing, healthy skin.

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SOVA was created during Singapore’s Circuit Breaker period to revolutionise the idea of "Beauty Sleep" with the most luxurious,

skin-improving material available from

nature - Mulberry Silk.


Backed with well-researched facts and with a strong focus on self-care, SOVA’s silk has a list of benefits that can help to improve the look and feel of your skin and hair, and more importantly, help you get the rest you deserve.

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The YOF Collection focuses on the feel of the fabric on your skin, together with moisture management to release heat, rapidly absorbing and drying sweat. YOF apparel gives the wearer the buttery soft second skin sensation, at same time providing the right support for every movement.


Substantial collections of YOF are made of Eco Circle Fibres and Natural Fibres. These are recycled PET plastic bottles which have processed to the same quality standards as that of freshly produced polyester from petroleum. YOF Natural Fibres Collections uses mainly Bamboo Fibres and Cotton Fibres.

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