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Thomas Wee has been designing for more than 35 years. Emerging from the golden age of Singapore fashion of the ’80s, he continues to push boundaries in design just as he has from the start. Having represented our country on many occasions in international trade shows, Thomas is perhaps one of the few impressive ambassadors of local fashion.

In 2011, he was inducted into the CNN Power List as one of the 30 people who have shaped modern Singapore. A year later, he was invited to sit as judging jury for the prestigious President’s Design Awards Singapore 2012.

Thomas Wee’s expertise in the field of tailoring has always set him apart, and while he no longer does the jackets that have become synonymous with his name, he is still a master craftsman at manipulating the tailleur. The evolution of the Thomas Wee style continues apace as the designer challenges himself with a new luxe that employs minimum seams to maximum effect so that silhouettes become the dramatic statement of the Thomas Wee aesthetic.

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