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Upcoming Programmes

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Gua Sha & Double Cleansing Workshop

Organised by:

Join the founder of Fawn Labs and certified Formulator, Hann Chia as she takes you through a hands-on demo for techniques on Gua Sha and Double Cleanse for your face.

This session focuses on the ideology of Slow Beauty and Mindfulness in your beauty and relaxation routines from home.


Participants will walk away feeling rejuvenated and equipped with their very own Gua Sha tool for future use.

17 June

2 – 3:30pm

4 – 5:30pm

Fees: $40.90/pax

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Basic Kombucha Brewing Workshop

Organised by:

Eat Karana and drink Kombucha Works on a Friday evening before the weekend officially starts! In this workshop, try Karana's plant-based canapés paired with Kombucha Works' Kombucha, while learning tips and tricks in brewing it successfully. This step-by-step workshop will be personally guided by Kombucha Works' Principal Brewer Katherine Sng.

Participants get to bring home a Kombucha Starter Kit. Start making batches of kombucha on your own at a fraction of the cost of buying it bottled.

23 June

7 – 8pm

Fees: $105/pax


Rooftop Barre Class

Organised by:

Get sculpted and toned with WeBarre in this rooftop barre class! The WeBarre Method brings together the best of ballet technique, pilates & strength training in a dynamic workout to transform your entire body. Designed to strengthen your core, develop poise, sculpt & tone muscles and empower you to push beyond what you thought was possible, the WeBarre Method throws in a whole lot of fun with custom-made playlists & amazing instructors – you’re bound to be hooked in no time!

Participants walk home with a great barre burn and goodie bag filled with treats from your favourite local brands.

24 June

8:30 – 9:30am

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Mindful Art Journaling

Organised by:

Slow down in an immersive activity and journal about the experience together with Artcadia Studio. Mindful art journaling focuses the mind, improves observation skills, and fosters well-being. Let us first take you around the multifaceted Design Orchard building, then be guided by Steph T (IG: @stephtcreates) to journal about your experience.

Participants get to bring home a Midori Japan notebook and ink pen, and will have access to shared art materials during the activity. The minimum age to participate is 13. No specific artistic skills are required.

24 – 25 June

3:30 – 5pm

Fees: $68/pax

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Self-Care through Positive Journaling

Embark on a  meaningful session for self-care, self-expression, and self-discovery through hands-on mindful art and positive journaling, facilitated by Steph T (IG: @stephtcreates). Explore how journaling can help you discover yourself and your strengths, and to enhance well-being for self and others around you, based on positive psychology and mindfulness frameworks.

Participants get to bring home a Midori Japan notebook and will have access to shared art materials during the activities.

As activities require focus and reflection, individuals must be aged at least 18 and above, to fully benefit from the workshop activities.

24–25 June

3 –4pm

Fees: $58/pax

Organised by:

Kombucha Brewing and Cocktail Workshop

Organised by:

Join us for an exciting and informative kombucha workshop where you'll learn the art of brewing this delicious and probiotic-rich beverage. Led by Kombucha Works' Principal Brewer, Katherine Sng, and joined by renowned mixologist MX from Bar Nikai, this workshop is designed to take your kombucha experience to the next level.

Participants get to bring home a bottle of kombucha and a Kombucha DIY Kit in a recycled bag.

1 July

3 – 4pm

Fees: $150/pax

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