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We Bare Bears have taken over Design Orchard!

Starting today, Design Orchard will be adorned with themed decorations inspired by We Bare Bears, Cartoon Network’s hit animated series!


Come and discover our limited-edition We Bare Bears x TaFF capsule collections created by local designers. Available exclusively at Design Orchard.


See you there!


Live.Love.Local. Shop the best of Singapore at Design Orchard!

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The collection is a short journey documentation of the We Bare Bears whereby Ice Bear, Panda Bear and Grizzly Bear take a trip and tour around Singapore. This collection embodies the youth of an individual and being comfortable is the key.In the very first capsule collection, titled City Squad, the bears took a little trip around Singapore and ended up at Downtown Core near the mouth of the Singapore River -Esplanade. If you don't know, Esplanadeis one of the busiest art centres in the world,presenting performing arts in various categories -dance, music, theatres etc. Why City Squad? The bears are inseparable. And it's their first presence in the Esplanade architecture. The art centre was unofficiallynicknamed as Durian, which is also known as "King of fruits". The spiky, thornyexterior. Those sharp edges were seen across this mini capsule collection where the trio leave their mark here.

La Tierra

We Bare Bears x La Tierra collection features the characters visiting Singapore landmarks and is celebrated with the age-old technique of handblock printing. Handblock printing is a 16th century old technique that uses wooden blocks carved by hand, which are dipped in the dye and stamped onto fabric. Our first collection features the characters’ excitement and joy seeing the architectural cityscape. Products include laptop cases, scarves, pocket squares.

Pearly Lustre

‘Fun, cute, to fit in & belong’, is the inspiration of Pearly Lustre x We Bare Bears collection, we created this pearl jewellery series to be adorable, adaptable & versatile.​

Each Pearl Necklace, Bracelet, Earrings comes with six compatible and unique charms that allows you to create up to 42 combinations each to fit in with your love for We Bare Bears while have some fun.

Photo Phactory

The We Bare Bears  x Photo Phactory LEGACY collection is inspired by the collective legacy of these adventurous characters and our Singapore heritage.​

Join the adorable trio of bears—Grizzly, Panda, and Ice Bear—who have taken over the world by storm as they star front and centre in the latest collection from Photo Phactory. These furry bears have always warmed our hearts with their entertaining misadventures navigating their awkward attempts at integrating with the human world.​

This collection of lifestyle products and apparel reflects the vibrant, sophisticated and playful aesthetic sensibility of We Bare Bears and pays homage to motifs and patterns of Peranakan heritage.​ This one-of-a kind association captures the nostalgia and timelessness of cartoons, with a focus on unique Singapore-inspired designs. To us, this collection is about celebrating culture by translating it to modern accessories. ​The colourful and eye-catching collection consists of limited-edition lifestyle items like Serving Trays and Coasters, and fashion merchandise like Clutch Bags, Pleated skirts, T-shirts, Scarves and Tote-bags.​

Now, you can wear your love for Ice Bear, Grizzly, and Panda as pleated skirts , scarves, clutch bags, T-shirts and Totes, or adorn your home with wooden Serving Trays and coasters. 

Rooki Beauty

The city can be a confusing place, but skincare doesn’t need to be. Meet the crossover between our well-loved city bear trio and fuss-free, tropical climate friendly skincare from Rooki Beauty. As part of this exciting collaboration, Rooki Beauty has put together three kits that are not only unBEARably adorable but also effectively address the skin concerns caused by hectic city life. 

The Bear Essentials Kit featuring Rooki’s best-selling Honey Matcha Cleansing Drops, Superfood Savior Crème and Green Pulp Paste Masque leaves skin feeling fresh and youthful, ready to take on any day. If you’re looking to achieve that selfie glow like Panda, look no further as the Selfie Ready Kit consists of a trinity of serums that hydrate, brighten and strengthen your skin. Not forgetting the travel-friendly Discovery Kit – no matter where you’re headed, this trial-sized duo will help to ensure that your skin is kept all under control. Now your skin’s all-ready to glow anytime, anywhere.

Yumi Active

The We Bare Bears x Yumi Active capsule collection comprises versatile activewear designs that are perfect for both workouts and every day athletic casual settings. The apparels consist of a long line cross back sports bra, 7/8 tights with functional roomy pockets, muscle tank and sleeved t-shirt. The collection is completed with a set of anti-slip travel yoga mat and eco-friendly high density foam yoga block, which are essentials for any urban yogis. Fans of We Bare Bears can expect their favourite bear characters in full action with the irresistible personality of individual bear fully encapsulated in the designs. ​

The activewear series in the capsule collection is made with Yumi Active’s in-house customised range of technical performance fabrics. It offers stretch and flex in unparalleled comfort. With superior four-way high stretch, the fabrics caresses every athletic turn with silky smooth support. Advanced moisture wicking ability provides a quick dry cooling experience. Antimicrobial finish actively prevents bacteria growth for an odour-free workout experience and more hygienic standard of fitness. Experience comfort and performance blended seamlessly into one, now with a lovable band of bear brothers!

Christmas Pop Up


Amrta is derived from the Sanskrit word for nectar, and has been associated with immortality and achievement of Nirvana in many ancient Indian texts. 

Rather apt that Theobroma, the Greek term for Cacao, translates directly into Food of the Gods. 

By using only the finest sustainably sourced Cacao and couverture in our products, we promise to evoke the same feelings of divine enjoyment with every bite that our name suggests. 
Each of our products are lovingly handcrafted in small batches and can be made to order.We make Artisanal Dark Chocolates in small batches, each lovingly hand crafted by Chocolatier Ambika 

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Being Kids is a reminder that we all have an inner child inside of us. As a toys & gifts wholesaler, we hope our toys will bring joy & happiness to the people who receive them, young and old. 

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Archimedes, the Greek Philosopher first said that the shortest path between two points is a straight line. For me, the journey here so far has been anything but. From employee to entrepreneur, daughter to wife and recent mother, scent has played a big part in keeping me sane. 

Some years back, I left a stable job of 8 years to travel and study perfume. There was no plan, all I knew was that scents made sense. Nothing comforted me more than sitting in my room with a box filled with tiny vials of raw materials, opening and smelling each like a familiar friend. It made me feel alive again, it made me feel like I was in a state of flow and it made me feel light. I had exited a heavy year, and the notion of Light and Lightness started popping up everywhere. Being able to bring and gift Light to others.

This is my hope. I wish with all my heart that our range of carefully created home scents bring comfort and light to you, and to those you love. 

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With more than 40 years of history in the jewellery trade, Foundation Jewellers is first established as a goldsmith shop located in Joo Chiat area during the bustling 1976. We are the specialist in recreating fine traditional Peranakan Jewellery in Singapore, fully handcrafted to perfection by the few remaining Peranakan Jewellery craft masters in Asia.

Foundation Jewellers – Fine Heritage Design collection is recognized for their fine jewellery with rich heritage background, with both traditional and modern Peranakan elements add into the jewellery pieces, and given clever versatile twists whereby the jewellery can be worn in multiple ways.

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A contemporary fine jewellery brand firmly rooted in Singapore and painstakingly crafted by local artisans, but with soaring ambitions and international dreams. State Property was founded by married couple Afzal Imram, industrial designer, and Lin Ruiyin, a contemporary jeweller, thus melding the utilitarian sensibilities of industrial design with the wearable art approach of contemporary jewellery. The result is divinely luxurious gemstone-driven pieces to be passed through the generations. State Property is the first local brand to be stocked at luxury e[1]retailer Net-A-Porter and is worn by the likes of Michelle Obama and Nicole Kidman.

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Kayloo Design brings joy and wonder through bright and contemporary designs. The brand started as a womenswear brand in 2017, and was one of the winning brands in Singapore Stories 2019. Over the pandemic, the brand pivoted to become a surface design studio. 

Now, Kayloo Design creates original in-house prints and artwork for lifestyle products and brands. The brand also believes in the freedom to express through personalisation. As such, all Kayloo Design product prints can be customised. 

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At Kurin, we take an artisanal approach to the science of detergent and soapmaking. From handpicked scents, to our patented soap-free formulations, Kurin's promise to our customers, is a clean, crafted and good experience. 
We know how detergents are made; most top shelf brands are contract manufactured and motivated by cost-cutting at the expense of quality. To ensure that you’re getting a high quality, zero compromise product, we formulate, bottle and pack every product in our local Australia facility. 



Talking Toes is on a mission to ignite positive change in people and the world through the humble sock. Every pair of Talking Toes socks, from the hand-drawn patterns to the inspirational quotes at the toes, carries an important message about mindfulness, self-love, and positive social impact. By wearing a pair of Talking Toes, you’re not just wearing a pair of socks, you’re also telling the world that you stand for positive change. 

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At a time where fine fragrances are mass marketed and mass produced, The LAB Fragrances proposes unique scents freshly hand made in small batches. 

We meticulously collect our finest quality ingredients from all across the globe and transparently disclose each of them.

We minimize everything else we build around our exquisite creations.

Our crafts comply with both EU and IFRA regulations and are all vegan.



Inspired by the Peranakan tradition found throughout the Nusantara, our brand is dedicated to the preservation of traditional heritage motifs. This time, we have chosen homewares as the medium to tell these stories.  


Working with local artisans from Jogyakarta, we hope our brand story enriches lives and knowledge. We also hope our products bring back the sense of heritage and nostalgia. The product is unique, that's why we call it UniQila. 



Win Win Food is a leading manufacturer of delectable potato crisps, cereal crisps, corn snacks, wafer rolls, chocolate sweets and a wide range of other delicious biscuit and cookie products.



Artisan of Sense is a brand of handcrafted candles and organic room sprays, made from a sophisticated blend of eco-friendly soy wax, natural lead-free cotton wicks and 100% pure and therapeutic grade essential oils. Each scent is fresh and uplifting, and contains no phthalates, paraben, sulfates and toxins.

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BLACK BY BLUE BRAVE, a professional watch brand originates in Singapore, was born for the luxury consumers who advocate innovation, possess fashion sense, pursue independence. They are the trendsetters with cool personalities who know how to appreciate the emerging, quality and artistic watches beyond famous traditional brands. 4B Watches creates an unparalleled, incomparable and irreplaceable style by tactfully fusing various colours, exquisite designs and innovative textures into every watch. 

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CHOCOELF story unfolded when a doctor and a chocolatier from Singapore came together to craft delectable chocolate treats that are rooted in passion and wholesome goodness. 


Produced in Singapore, our fine treats showcase a fusion of unique Local flair made with quality World ingredients. We pride ourselves in providing innocent indulgence with No Sugar Added recipes, honoring health-conscious confections which are made to taste pure and pleasurable. 



FreshJoy is an R&D collaboration between the Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD) and PS Food & Beverage (S) Pte Ltd under a Food Innovation competition (FIPA). It’s a Fruit Vinegar Drink inspired by the Teo family’s story of a drink stall in Haw Par Villa during the 1960s. We appreciate Singapore’s rich cultural heritage and hope for it to be preserved. Freshjoy was awarded the Food Innovation Product Awards in 2019 and Singapore Star Packaging Awards in 2020. 

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A Singapore brand, Humble Bow was born out of a realisation of the importance of togetherness and celebrating beautiful vibrant colours that spark joy. Humble Bow offers a line of home-made, hand-made accessories filled with thought, fun and love. Humble Bow’s creations are just a little something for you and your loved ones to show that “we are together”! Jesse hand makes and sews each and every piece at Humble Bow. 

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During her quest for a lasting and hassle-free solution to treat her persistent acne problems, founder Lily Kew discovered the goodness of water-based organic beauty which liberated her from makeup ever since. Kew Organics' desire to impart the joy of clear skin sans makeup has shaped its disruptive thinking of the concepts of Cleanse, Tone and Hydrate. It supports fair trade and uses 100% recyclable Miron glass bottles to protect products from UV rays and to extend shelf life. Suitable for all skin types and climates, its five salons and an online store serve up bespoke organic facials and products for clear, healthy, and makeup-free skin, affirming its ethos that bare skin rocks.

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Since its inception in July 2016, Scent by SIX has been making strides within the scenting industry with an expanding collection of fine fragrances, DIY scent kits, and a home scenting range. From a humble collection of three scents (123 Tribeca, 1724 Puka and 27˚F Biei), there are now two product lines. They include the home scenting collection of diffuser, nebulizers, and pure essential oils, four additional scents (Eclat, 2065 UJONG, Hikaru and Sleep, Returns), as well as a DIY scent kit. 

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Founder of sustainable luxury home fragrance brand TEMPLE Candles, Kendall Hamill, is an Interior Designer by trade who has a passion for creating high-end home fragrances inspired by Singapore.

“The idea for TEMPLE Candles came about after an endless search for that perfect Singapore-inspired gift for visiting family & friends. As an candle obsessed Interior Designer, I love the final touch & ambience that fragrance adds to a room.  Also understanding the powerful memory-evoking abilities of scent, I was inspired to create not only the finest home fragrances, but sophisticated statement pieces of home décor that people could take home with them to remember their romantic travels of the Far East & Singapore”.


Made with sustainable, toxin-free & organic ingredients. Proudly made in Singapore.

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To Be Calm is the brainchild of Cherylynne Clews, who developed a love of fragrance in the most simplistic of ways at a very young age, playing in the garden and noticing as she brushed against flowers and leaves the release of perfume was simply beautiful. Like all of us, life can sometimes get in the way of passion. She moved into the corporate world and had a very successful corporate career with American Express, reporting into New York, bringing her to Singapore. Noticing and experiencing the benefits her friends and colleagues enjoyed with fragrance and wishing to embrace her passion and share the benefits of fragrance further,  she launched To Be Calm, always with the premise that fragrance can create an optimal state of mind.



Vendermac Distribution Is the leading regional Design & Distribution company for licensed label & character product brands. 



Avyanna: Strong, powerful, beautiful woman. 

The uniqueness of your beauty, that is the essence of Avyanna.   

Beauty is from the soul. From your struggles and successes. It radiates from your smile, flows from your tears, accentuates through your wrinkles and shines above your scars.


This is what Avyanna is. 

Always genuine and always bold, you choose your own expression, your vibe. Make no apologies and walk beyond the crowds, because it is only there that you will find yourself in places you will never have dreamed of before. 

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What started as a floral passion project has blossomed into a gifting business that gives back to society. BloomBack focuses on the power of inspirational living and lifestyle gifts that advocate wholeness and well-being. Every gift empowers marginalised individuals such as the partially deaf, who are employed in handcrafting specialised preserved flower arrangements, which are a sustainable and fuss free alternative to fresh flowers. Innovatively designed and crafted with love and precision, popular pieces include Bluetooth speakers and statement bag charms. 



We started Fenetiks Studio after trying to find authentic marble covered notebooks. Like, real marble - not pretend marble surfaces printed on paper. Those weren’t special at all! It took us 3 years to create such a book, and we’re delighted to retail it today. Fenetiks Studio is guided by the design philosophy of Functional Aesthetics.  Practical products aren’t attractive in design, and attractive products aren’t too practical at times. We call our products just as they are. Beautiful in appearance, yet relevant in use. This is the definition of modern luxury, and that’s what we’re all about.  



With nutrition and wellness at our heart and soul, Herbal Pharm has been staunchly committed to discovering, innovating and formulating premium-quality nutritional supplements and all-natural, organic lifestyle products for the past 16 years.  


We believe that the human touch is essential and delicate to create a hassle-free shopping experience for our customers, such as same-day delivery.  


Also, we understand how the natural environment could impact people’s health and wellness. We always strive for sustainable practices. 


Herbal Pharm – For A Better You. 



 Candle, crystals, and home décor.

Ikigai (pronounced “ee-key-guy”), is a Japanese concept where ‘iki’ means life and ‘gai’ means reason which directly translates to what makes life worth living (aka raison d’être), or what gets you out of the bed every morning. It is essentially about finding one’s purpose in life.

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At KLOSH, gifting is an art of giving. For family and loved ones. For friends we have and have not met. This is the attitude that defines all that we do. Born out of a love for sharing all things good and beautiful in life, we offer an inspiring range of stationery, home décor, gifts and lifestyle products. 

KLOSH brand purpose is to inspire customers to live intentionally, joyfully, and lovingly. We give much thought in the way we spark Giving. We carefully pour our thoughts in the impact we bring, in everything we create, curate and design. We strive to help our customers live better, inspiring and motivating them to make time for friends and loved ones, and to spread love. We are dedicated to creating human affinity, and deepening human relationships with our art of giving. 

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Soul Good Project is a holistic wellness brand dedicated to self-love by way of loving your mind, body and soul.  

All our products comprise of natural ingredients sourced from around the world and carefully curated with your needs in mind. We believe that small changes will lead to bigger impact not only within ourselves, but to the environment. 

We want to build a community that support each other through on-going projects.  

A journey of discovery, constantly evolving and involving you. 

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Ex-lawyer turned designer, Visha Nelson founded The Cinnamon Room in 2014. As a busy mother of two, Visha’s prime design motivation stems from using only the best artisan-craftsmanship with the highest quality materials that are ethically and sustainably sourced, to offer unique designs that marry the essentials of aesthetics, practicality and durability in design. The Cinnamon Room’s brand ethos remains ever true to its foundation of offering effortless solutions and ease in all your home decor and gifting needs. 

Tumadi Batik.webp


Mr. Tumadi has been a batik artist for close to 40 years, who specialize in images of wayang kulit or shadow puppet theatre, a traditional Indonesian performance. Discovered his interest in the intricate patterns in wayang kulit - prevalent in Java. He and his wife, Anise, decided to make a family business named Tumadi Traditional Batik Painting conducting Batik colouring workshops at schools and community events offering individual and group lessons at the Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced level. "I observe that there were many that do not have experience or skill in waxing but were surprised of how good people are in colouring." . The DIY sets are catered for those who need artistic hand waxed pieces so they can colour confidently as a gift. 

Veyadesigns 5 .jpg


Jyoti Taparia started Veyadesigns to provide social and corporate clients in Singapore with bespoke graphic design services. Veyadesigns stationery and paper products are innovative and our personalized process offers clients products with high design value that reflect their vision or brand identity. Jyoti’s philosophy for Veyadesigns can be stated simply by what we call our 4 C’s – CLIENTS, CREATIVITY, CUSTOMIZATION AND COMMUNITY. Veyadesigns strives to create a superior and unique experience for each client from the inception of the idea to the creation of bespoke designs to the production of designs using the finest printing techniques.