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"No Dancing" Man (Tubemen Forest)
Yok and Sheryo

Artist Statement:


A response to a commentary titled "Is Dancing an Evil?" found in the Malaya tribune from Oct 30, 1929. 

An unhappy gentleman expressed his worrying concern about dancing when he saw an ad for Dance Lessons in the papers.

"There is no pleasure or joy!",  "Is this not Injurious to health?" "I should obtain on benefit at all should i become a dancer!" were some of his arguments.

In response to his commentary, i present to you the very ironic "No Dancing" tubemen,  because sometimes all you have to do is DANCE, even if you don't want to, or know how to. Dancing is good for the soul.

Artist's Previous Works:

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About the Artist:

Originally from Australia and Singapore, and NY-based for 10 years with street art roots, the duo has exhibited and painted in various countries around the world; ArtScience Museum (Singapore), Gare St.Sauveur (France), Baandam Museum (Thailand), Coney Island Art Walls (USA) , Wynwood Walls (USA) curated by Jeffrey Deitch, “Magic City” (Munich, Dresden and Sweden) curated by Carlo McCormick and has also appeared in various international publications such as Street Art Today II, Outdoor Gallery, Street Art Now, Magic City, Art from the Streets, “(Un)sanctioned” The Art on New York Streets, Street Art International, Kingbrown Magazine, Juxtapoz, Hypebeast and more.










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