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Orchard Road Historical Tours
Jerome Lim

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Date and Time:

Tour 1: 26 February, Saturday - 10:30am

Tour 2: 19 March, Saturday - 10:30am

Tour 3: 26 March, Saturday - 10:30am

Tour 4: 9 April, Saturday - 10:30am

Multiple Locations


The glitz and glamour of Singapore’s premier shopping and lifestyle destination, hides a surprising past. Join Jerome on a four-part journey through time to discover the many reminders of the different faces that Orchard Road has worn through the ages.


Tour 1: Planting the Orchard

Plantations, on which a spice said to have been worth more than its weight in gold was cultivated, gave Orchard Road its name. Through a short walk around the area of Design Orchard, discover how these plantations have spiced the Orchard Road of today.    


Tour 2: Spaces for the Living from Spaces for the Dead

The orchards that gave Orchard Road its name disappeared almost as soon as they began to become profitable. Out of their ashes, rose quite a different Orchard Road, one of spaces for the living, right next to spaces for the dead. Take a stroll down Orchard Road to discover how this set Orchard Road’s transformation in motion.


Tour 3: An Age of Locomotion

The mechanization of motive power was one of the great innovations of the industrial age. What does that have to do with Orchard Road one may ask. Well, let’s say that it was a prime mover in its, and, in Singapore’s development. Through a discovery of places linked to this past, find out how locomotion has moved Orchard Road forward.


Tour 4: A New Plantation

The Orchard Road of today can be thought of as a new plantation. Where its plantations of the past may have yielded a spice as valuable as gold, this new plantation now yields a new gold. Find out how the seeds for this new plantation were planted, through a discovery of the places significant in this journey.


Jerome Lim is a heritage enthusiast and a keen photographer, who captures Singapore’s fast evolving urban and cultural landscape through his award-winning ‘The Long and Winding Road’ blog.


He is also the author of ‘Uncommon Ground: The Places You Know, The Stories You Don’t’ and co-author of ‘Secret Singapore’ both of which contain stories hidden in Singapore’s lesser-known sites. Through collaborations with various agencies and organisations, Jerome has also developed content for and led site expert tours to heritage sites and for events such as the Fullerton Building’s 89th Anniversary, Singapore Heritage Festival, Discovering Singapore’s Best Kept Secrets and Battle for Singapore.    

Instagram: @jeronimoloco

Twitter: @jeromekg

Facebook: thelongnwindingroad


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