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To Gaze Unfocused Down A Line Of Desire
Marylyn Tan


Date and Time: 

27 February, Sunday - 2pm

13 March, Sunday - 2pm

27 March, Sunday - 2pm

Level 1, Design Orchard Retail Showcase

Rating TBA.

Sit in a space somewhere between window dressing and dressing room. Be muddily drawn like one of my french fries. To Gaze Down A Line of Desire is a work that responds to the demarcations between ‘seasons’, the line between ‘creator/consumer’, and other boxes such as ‘categories’, ‘competition’, and ‘focus’. To Gaze Down speaks to past histories of hidden community by bringing you, participant, into a space of being a subject while you browse. Can we make a space of intimacy, connection and desire by being perceived and perceiving? (Advisory 16: Some Mature Content)


Marylyn is a large-beasted, supple, queer, female Chinese Singaporean writer-artist whose proclivities are promiscuous and appetites indiscriminate. Her work aims to subvert, revert and pervert, and works to disrespect respectability and reclaim power. Her first child, GAZE BACK, is the lesbo trans-genre grimoire you never knew you needed, and made her the first woman poet (woet) to clinch the Singapore Literature Prize.

Twitter: @grinchfucker

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