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Mixed Media Installation

(PET butterfly cut-outs mounted on mirror glass) 

On view till March 7

Marla Bendini

Artist Statement:

Though the number of butterflies and species vary depending on the season, butterflies can be found in Singapore throughout the year. In this installation, Marla Bendini combines the use of the butterfly motif, text and mirrors as prompts to reflect about presence, ephemerality and imagination. As messengers of love, life and change, these butterflies come together to give affirmation and agency to The Non Season. The butterfly also relates to the nomadic travellers, migrants workers, expatriates and local social butterflies alike that have come to inhabit Orchard Road to work, shop, socialise and make connections and create meaning.


The question "WHERE ELSE CAN WE GO?" posed by these butterflies gathering on the mirror points to the ideas of belonging, displacement and reclamation.

Sustainability note: The artist will reuse 100% of the materials after the work is de-installed.

Artist's Previous Works:

About the Artist:


Marla Bendini (b. 1986, Singapore) is a BFA Interactive Media graduate of School of Art, Design & Media (ADM), Nanyang Technological University (2013), where she focused on interactive video installations, film and performance. She also majored in painting and installation as part of her junior college education (2004). 


Marla Bendini is a cross-disciplinary artist and trans woman working in painting, text, sound, performance and installation to tell stories about lived experiences, love, relationship, trauma and otherness. They are often imbued with notions of identity, spirituality, divinities and mythologies to elevate the complexities of these subject matters towards collective healing. Marla believes the personal is political and our storytelling prompts us to seek alternatives towards community building as we resist the hegemony of social, cultural and national narratives.


Marla Bendini is represented by Cuturi Gallery Singapore.



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