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Far East Kid (Tubemen Forest)
Kristal Melson

Tubemen Forest Kristal Melson x Mojoko.jpg

Artist Statement:

A nod to the subculture of Kristal Melson’s generation's teenage years, the 90's eponymous Far East Kid came to being in a pre-internet era, where identity was not immutable and instead formed and developed through the physical seeking out and consumption of fashion,music and books at Tower Records or Far East Plaza. 


It is with some degree of delight and celebration that the 90s spirit and Far East Kid ethos has returned somewhat full cycle with today’s generation of youth, portraying a mishmash of previous ideas and subcultures in order to foster and eke out new identities.

Artist's Previous Works:

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About the Artist:


Born and raised in Singapore, Kristal Melson aka @KrisOnAutopilot focuses on both individual and universal experiences through intricate drawings. Taking cues from contemporary culture and folklore, she explores the female perspective of nature and technology in maximalist electrifying colour.



Instagram: @krisonautopilot

Twitter: @krisonautopilot

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