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Tropique Exotique (2022)
Mixed Media Installation

(Faux plants, crystals, feathers, fabric, fur, reclaimed décor)

Artist Statement:

Since its humble beginnings as plantations and colonial settlements, the Orchard Road vicinity had been designated as a space for extravagance. From early fashion businesses, salacious nightlife venues and developing food cultures, to the now bustling destination for shopping, tourism and entertainment, Orchard Road is a site in which the definitions of luxury and opulence evolve and transmute through its history. Inspired by these transformations, Tropique Exotique is a series of installation/interventions that brings back the glitz and glamour from the visual elements of stage, décor and props of the 60s cabaret into the delineated minimal, robust space of Design Orchard. Through the reintroduction of past aesthetics, the installation seeks to harken back to the past, while the visuals and structures also enter the newly constructed environment, generating new tensions within the space.

Sustainability note: The artist will reuse 75% of the materials after the work is de-installed.

Artist's Previous Works:

About the Artist:

Divaagar is a visual artist who works through installation, performance, and digital media. Their practice examines narratives; toying with attachments and proposing new models through the lenses of bodies, identities and environments. Artist’s Previous Work: Singapore is for Lovers Divaagar (b. 1992, he/she/they) graduated with a Bachelor of Arts (1st Class Honours) in Fine Arts from LASALLE College of the Arts in 2018 and has exhibited both locally and internationally since 2010. They had two solo presentations thus far; Between a rock and a hard place, as part of a Summer residency in Untitled Space (Shanghai) and The Soul Lounge, soft/WALL/studs (Singapore). Notable exhibitions include Time Passes, Singapore Art Museum (Singapore), State of Motion 2021: [Alternate / Opt] Realities, Marina One (Singapore), and Space Oddities, The Substation (Singapore).


Facebook: Divaagar
Instagram: @diva.agar

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