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Live DJ



Date and Time:

19 February, Saturday - 9pm

Level 2 Rooftop, Design Orchard


Resident DJ For POPTART (Kyo, Tanjong Beach Club) 
Facebook: eatmepoptart 

Resident DJ For TIKO DISKO (LongPlay) 
Facebook: tikodisko

Besides the above regular residencies, KiDG has also played before at other venues like Velvet Underground, Zouk, Kilo Lounge, Wonderbar, Life Is Beautiful Kitchen & Bar, The Vault, as well as done corporate events for brands like Tag Heuer, Reebok, and DJ-ed for artistes like Slow Magic and Slowdive

“You can take the drummer out of the stool it would seem, but not the BEAT out of the man.” – Anonymous 

Contrary to some in the community attesting that he is an Indie Prophet, KiDG sees himself more as a Music Schizo. Not surprising for the resident DJ of POPTART and TIKO DISKO, who professes to have an obsessive appetite and eclectic taste in every imaginable genre of music that runs a gamut from indie rock, synth-pop, funk, soul, dub, trippy electro and even Italo Disco. A typical gig night with KiDG in the cockpit is hardly typical – considering the unpredictable heady cocktail blend he’ll whip up. Inspired by the likes of 2 Many DJs, Erol Alkan, DJ Harvey, Psychemagik and Gilles Peterson, you can’t beat the brutal simplicity of the man’s holy mantra in the complex world of music “Just have a bloody good time.” 

KiDG’s Rock N Roll resume includes drumming for a few notable local bands such as Livonia, Shelves and most recently Typewriter. The “Groove” is hence strong in this one. If you lived in the 80s, he may have served you when you bought a couple of cassettes at the now defunct Supreme Records; if you survived the 90s, he could have been the guy who lectured you about the lousy record you bought at HMV. But that was yesterday; watch out now as KiDG hails from Generation X. This means the man has dangerous retro tendencies to play something from way back 1979 or something that will make your dad head bang, and your mum get jiggy with it. 

If that rocks your world, you've been warned! 



Facebook: KiDG

Instagram: @kkkidggg

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