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Ying The Label is known for its one-of-a-kind prints created with watercolour paintings. Founder Phuay Li Ying designs and hand-paints all the pieces and produces them in limited quantities. The label truly believes that art should go beyond the walls, and the brand has since worked with local start-ups and collaborated with companies like DBS to translate its artworks into various forms of products.



Ying The Label, an emerging Singapore label, takes ready-to-wear fashion to a new level. One of the most prominent differentiating factor of this brand is the origami-inspired detailing and self-designed fabrics

She runs on the philosophy that “less is more, odd is beautiful” and this is clearly epitomised in their designs. With painterly prints, structured lines, and experimental textures, Ying the Label balances fashion and art.

"I created Ying The Label out of my immense passion for painting. I wanted to tell my stories through art, because it was my way of self-expression. Inspired by the simplest of things that I experience in my life, and using fabrics as my canvas, I hope to take you through an emotional, but adventurous journey."

Take a peek into her collection, and you’ll find light, floral designs in designs you’re unlikely to find elsewhere. That’s because her creations are all designed and hand-painted by her and produced in limited quantities.

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