WEEKEND SUNDRIES is a garment and textile studio, designing womenswear for unfettered living in Singapore's humid weather. Founder Michelle Chan is inspired by understated beauty found in the commonplace, and also personal memories of childhood that resurface. She sources quality fabrics from Japan and produces in-house designed textile prints, resulting in classic, timeless yet laid-back collections.



Founded in 2012 by Michelle Chan, Weekend Sundries offers a line of considered womenswear for our perennial humid summer. The name reflects their aspiration for a relaxed and hopeful state of mind. In today’s hurried world where the simple or old tend to be overlooked, the brand serves as a reminder that inspiration and wonderment can always be found even in the most commonplace of things.

"I seek to offer a sense of breathing space for the modern woman, and work with quality fabrics including high-count cottons, as well as organic textiles."

Made in Singapore from internationally sourced fabrics, all Weekend Sundries prints are created by the designer specifically for each collection 

Summer Dreaming

Jane gathered Dress
Bokeh Dress - Tangerine
Rachel Dress - Five Stones
Rachel Dress - Multi Loops
Dahlia Midi Dress - Butter
Thea Dress - Yellow Floral
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