Reckless Ericka is a Singapore fashion label founded in 2009 and headed by Afton Chen. The collections are recklessly spirited, effectively designed and responsibly produced. To be spirited is to be full of life, enthusiasm, and determination. When we are recklessly spirited, we are passionately authentic to the people around us, as much as we are being real with ourselves. Their vision of effective design begins with being precise in form and finishing. They are committed to craftsmanship, becoming the alternative voice to fast fashion and bringing you the highest quality apparel.


The local fashion scene is just as creative, dynamic and inspiring. Meet the Singaporean fashion label who is a true testament to that. 
Afton Chan, designer and co-founder of local fashion label Reckless Ericka aspires to be the alternative voice for fast fashion. To her, the best part of being a designer is creating.

Through her collections, Afton hopes to “inspire people to be reckless, one collection at a time.

Featured: Durian Collection

V-Neck Gathered Maxi (Pink)
Chinese Collar Swing Top (Hei Zhen Z
Exclusive: Poncho Top (Durian)
Hei Zhen Zhu Twilly
Midi Kimono Jacket (Hong Xia)
Full Circle Cropped Top (Mao Shan Wa
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