In 1942, Mr Tan Tiong How came to Singapore from Fujian, China in search of a better life. He worked hard as a coolie, saved his wages and sent it back home to provide for his family. To add flavour to his meals of plain porridge, he started fermenting his own soya sauce using his grandmother's recipe. It soon became popular among his friends as it reminded them of the taste of home. In 1951, Mr Tan decided to make soya sauce from home and sell door to door from his tricycle. After years of hard work,  Mr Tan started his factory and called it Nanyang Sauce Factory in gratitude for the new life he had here.



Chicken Rice Chilli Sauce

Made to go with Singapore's  Sensational Chicken Rice Dish

Premium Dark Soya Sauce

 Delicately enhance the taste and appearance of various dish

Premium Light Soya Sauce

A favourite sauce to enhance flavour in Asian dishes

Premium Tau Cheo

Comes with an umami flavour like no others

Sambal Prawn Chili Sauce

Extra-Rich Chilli that is made with dried shrimps

Premium Brew Sesame Oil

Extremely fragrant and aromatic, drizzle to add a burst of flavour