EDEN + ELIE is a design-led, socially conscious jewellery brand based in Singapore. They develop individuals from communities in need into skilled artisans, empowering them to support themselves and live independently. Pairing traditional bead-weaving techniques with modern materials and meaningful design, their pieces are made for the contemporary woman. They honour centuries-old traditions of making things by hand through modern pieces inspired by heritage. In a world proliferated with industrialised products, their jewellery is a testament to slower times, when love was embedded in beautiful, meticulously crafted heirloom pieces.



Crafted from responsibly sourced seed beads and premium metals, Eden + Elie designs and creates fine jewellery with a modern aesthetic. Their team trains and partners with Singapore-based artisans to hand weave every single piece from scratch.

Meet Stephanie Choo, founder of Eden + Elie - named after her two children, Eden and Eliot. She loves design and working with different materials and scale. Having designed buildings, furniture collections and also worked a short stint for a well-known fashion brand, she believes design has tremendous potential to create value in the marketplace. 

Their jewellery is designed, hand-crafted and hand-sewn in Singapore, through training and partnerships with artisans. They are also committed to being responsible for tgheir sourcing of suppliers who are reputable and ethical.

Jewellery Box 

Modern Peranakan Capsule Necklace in Cherry Blossom

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Handwoven Circles Statement Earrings in Sapphire

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Peranakan Everyday Bangle

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Everyday Necklace in Basic Black

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Striped Medallion Earrings in Turquoise

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Modern Peranakan Drop Earrings in Cherry Blossom

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