Voted the “most comfortable shoe”, Anothersole is a brand of soft leather lace-up shoes that are perfect for travel. Made with unlined full grained leather and a high-density ergonomic latex sports footbed, the shoes hug the feet and allow it to breathe while supporting the arch and cushioning the feet. Wanting to make a difference, Anothersole is also committed to a social cause: 10% of the proceeds go towards working with established charities to combat child hunger.



We can make a difference, #Together

Anothersole as business wants to do a social good. 10% of our revenue goes to feeding children, building sustainable communities and supporting their future.


Anothersole feed fund will be used for the buying of food supplies and funding sustainability for underfunded orphanages, building sustainable communities for children to thrive and qualified missions with a school feeding operation. They work with charities already functioning towards the goal of benefiting the kids directly.