For on-boarding in January 2022

Call for Application: 16 August - 9 September 2021

For more information, you can join our Open Call Briefing on 26 August, 11am.

To apply and/or register for our briefing, please fill in the form here.




A joint project by JTC, Enterprise Singapore (ESG) and the Singapore Tourism Board (STB), Design Orchard presents an exciting opportunity for local brands to showcase the best of their designs on Orchard Road.  


Envisaged as a one-stop shop for local brands, Design Orchard aims to be a must-visit destination for both locals and visitors. Design Orchard feature brands across categories such as Fashion, Home, Souvenirs, Food Confectionery, Beauty and Wellness and Sports Apparel.




The Showcase shall feature, but is not limited to, a range of products from the following categories:

  • Fashion Apparels  

  • Fashion Accessories (eg. Bags / Shoes / Jewellery / Time-pieces)  

  • Small Home Furnishings  

  • Souvenirs / Stationery / Crafts  

  • Food Confectionery  

  • Beauty and Wellness  

  • Sports Apparel and Accessories


  • Basic tenure of one year at Design Orchard for all brands. After which a review of the brand’s performance will be conducted to decide if the brand is able to extend its tenure by another year.  ​  

  • Mentorship programme for both new-to-market and emerging brands ​  

  • Monthly events organized by Design Orchard to promote and profile selected brands, subjected to curatorial call and relevance of the brands to event theme.



  • Basic tenure of one year at Design Orchard for all brands. After which a review of the brand’s performance will be conducted to decide if the brand can be extended for another year.

  • Capability Development Programme for both new-to-market and emerging brands. ​  

  • Monthly events organized by Design Orchard to promote and profile selected brands, which will be curated based on the relevance of the brands to the event theme


  • Design must be original.  ​  

  • Brands must be local, defined as fulfilling all the requirements below:

  1. The key designer(s) behind the brand shall be a Singaporean or Permanent Resident,  

  2. The business entity of the brand must have at least 30% local (Singaporean or Singapore Permanent Resident) shareholding,  

  3. The business entity must be registered or incorporated in Singapore and be physically present in Singapore.





  • Differentiation and relevance of brand – strength and appeal of the brand story that would increase competitive advantage, perceived value of brand and desirability among consumers  ​  

  • Element of Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) - the extent to which the brand champions social causes and the use of sustainable sources e.g. environmental friendly materials in production and packaging.





Whether the product has quality finishing, durability and proper packaging.




  • All participating brands at Design Orchard are required to pay a monthly fee. The rate will differ based on the number of years that the brand has been established. This is the only fixed cost brands need to pay each month.

* Years of experience will be calculated based on incorporation date of the business entity as registered with ACRA against 1 January 2021



Less than 2 years of experience*    

Between 2-10 years of experience*    

More than 10 years of experience*



New-to-market  ​  

Emerging  ​  


  • All items will be stocked on a consignment basis. Brands are to pay a commission of its Gross Turnover (GTO) less GST.

  • Brands are required to refresh their collection every three months.


  • Brand information 

  1. Write-up on brand story

  2. Product proposition and unique selling points  

  3. Website  URL

  4. Social media channels

  5. Stockist information (local and overseas)

  • Profile of designer(s) / founder(s)  ​  

  • Existing product line sheet, including product images  ​  

  • Lookbook (if any)  ​  

  • Proposed product line sheet for Design Orchard  ​  

  • Collaboration with other designers (if any)  ​  

  • Related press coverage on brand or designer(s) (if any)   ​  

  • Any other supporting documents (eg. Visual Merchandising images, etc)   ​  

  • ACRA



What is Design Orchard?

Launched in January 2019, Design Orchard seeks to nurture and profile home-grown brands in Singapore. It is located at 250 Orchard Road, at the junction of Cairnhill Road and Orchard Road. Design Orchard is currently operated by Textile and Fashion Federation.

Who can join this Open Call?

Any local brand with an original design can take part in the Open Call. Please refer to ‘Eligibility’ section for more information.

What are the key dates and deadlines?

Brands can start submitting relevant documents online at from 16 February 2021. There will be only one open call briefing on 24 February 2021. The deadline for the Open Call submission is 9 March 2021.

What if I cannot attend the Open Call briefing?

The Open Call briefing is not compulsory. If you miss the briefing or have any questions, simply fill up the contact form and we will get back to you as soon as possible with the essential information. Alternatively, you can drop us an email at

Why must I contribute to a monthly manpower fee?

The manpower fee is required to help offset costs relating to marketing, merchandising, events and staffing in the running of Design Orchard. This is the only fixed cost that brands have to bear.

If I am an existing brand at Design Orchard, do I need to attend the briefing?

If you are an existing brand you are not required to attend. This briefing is targeted at interested local brands which are not presently in Design Orchard to help them understand what they can look forward to if they join us.

What is the format to submit the required documents for the open call?

There will be an online submission form on We will require Excel format for existing product list and proposed product list for Feb 2020, and PDF file for all other relevant documents.

Who can I contact for more information?

If you have any questions, you can email us at