Usher in the New Year with Design Orchard!

To celebrate new beginnings and in spirit of solidarity, join us in welcoming the New Year with our extensive line-up of local brands, special collaborations and festive activities!


Featuring capsule collections created by eight fashion designers and textile specialists, you can discover a unique assortment of men’s and women’s apparels exclusive to Design Orchard.


We also welcome you to explore our range of oriental inspired pieces, perfect for the upcoming festivities and explore our special curation of children’s apparel. Complete your Chinese New Year celebrations with auspicious blooms and delectable goodies.


Make this reunion a memorable one with our curated local brands.

Live. Love. Local.

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Kele x Far East Flora

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Pineapples are known as ‘ong lai’, which stands for good luck in Hokkien. Bring some luck to your loved ones’ life, with an array of pineapple treats from Kele, together with phalaenopsis from Far East Flora that symbolizes abundance, wealth and happiness.

featured brands



AMOS ANANDA is an elevated menswear and unisex high streetwear label with detailing that are both luxurious and utilitarian, demonstrating an athletic yet sophisticated aesthetic, launched in July 2014.


The designer’s philosophy is choosing to excel beyond the expectations of being normal. “ If you choose to live life normally, you will never get to see how amazing it can be or what you can achieve, This is applied to the way you think, and also everyday dressing and style.” said Amos Ananda Yeo.


Injecting this mentality and attitude in a new vision of constructed garments, he brings us Amos Ananda ‘s collections. 

Being Kids.jpg


Being Kids is a reminder that we all have an inner child inside of us. As a toys & gifts wholesaler, we hope our toys will bring joy & happiness to the people who receive them, young and old. 

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Founded in 2003 by Brigid Pang, Singaporean designer,The Cheongsam Shoppe aims to make the cheongsam flattering for women of all shapes. Believing that every woman – not just those with perfect figures – can look fabulous in a cheongsam, the Cheongsam Shoppe creates a blend of rich tradition with modern designs that are elegant, classic and chic. Our cheongsams are beautifully crafted for women of all shapes and sizes, for all occasions and available in ready-to-wear, for pre-orders and bespoke.



elly is a Singapore children’s clothing label born in 2010 out of a desire to create  beautiful  children’s  fashion  without  compromising  comfort  and practicality. Today, elly creates  clothing,  baby  essentials,  and  accessories for newborns to 14 years, as well as adult clothing for parents to twin with their children. Well-known for our gorgeous prints designed in-house, elly’s distinctive clothing styles and fabrics allow children to be comfortable all-day, whether staying indoors or playing outdoors.

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At Kurin, we take an artisanal approach to the science of detergent and soapmaking. From handpicked scents, to our patented soap-free formulations, Kurin's promise to our customers, is a clean, crafted and good experience. 
We know how detergents are made; most top shelf brands are contract manufactured and motivated by cost-cutting at the expense of quality. To ensure that you’re getting a high quality, zero compromise product, we formulate, bottle and pack every product in our local Australia facility. 



Minor Miracles is a print and textile studio that aims to bring happiness into every wardrobe and home.

While designing an exclusive print for bridesmaids, Dawn Bey (Founder) received encouraging requests about her prints which led to the leap of imagination to blend her love for pattern making with her core discipline of fashion design. This led to the creation of Minor Miracles.

Aided by a locally staffed team of fashion graduates and creatives, Dawn and her team would design, pattern make by hand and sew samples in-house. This obsession with keeping true to her fashion and sewing roots essentially challenges the current norm of factory supplied designs and trends allowing the team to grow in its craft of pattern and clothes making.



Violet Oon Singapore is a Singapore-based restaurant group that celebrates Singapore's fine flavours and Nyonya favourites. In pursuit of showcasing Singapore's diverse food story, our dining concepts explore the many facets and nuances of our local culinary heritage. 

Everything we put our hand to — from our in-restaurant dining experience to our selection of gourmet delicacies — reflects our passion for quality food. Our dishes represent Singapore's history at the crossroads of the world through the varied ingredients and flavours we use. 



Ans-ein is a fashion brand offering products based on art. Ans-ein was founded in Singapore in early February 2017 by two mumpreneurs, Anseina (Ans) and Erlyn (Ein), who have different backgrounds but complement each other: Ans is an architect and wedding dress designer, while Ein has been in retail business, event and media. Both of us love art and have a desire to appreciate art in many forms; thus inspiring us to establish Ans-ein: a wearable art.


SCI LABILLA37238.jpg


Life is a journey, made up of different encounters and experiences. The founders of Billa Privee met through one of these journeys which inspire every garment that forms each collection. Using natural fabrics sourced from across South East Asia, Billa Privee marries the contemporary with the traditional, inspired by the diverse yet similar cultures shared by Singapore and its neighbours.



Originating from the word ‘cocoon’, it represents the eventual emergence of a soaring butterfly through persistence and strength. 

COCOONESE also embodies the essence of durability while safeguarding our planet Earth through the use of pure cotton materials that are harmless to the environment.

5. FLAIR BY TORI -  Lifestyle Image 1.jpg


FLAIR® By Tori is a Singaporean fashion label made for the confident cosmopolitan woman. We celebrate the flair and freedom of modern women through our original One Wear® designs – uniquely gorgeous pieces that let women go bra free.


We debuted with our 木漏れ日 Komorebi Leather Collection in November 2021. Our collection pieces feature traditional Japanese textiles and soft Australian kangaroo leather, and it is inspired by our connected way of life and cultural diversity as women of today’s generation.



For more than 60 years, Lims Legacy has established a loyal following of customers that enjoys its treasure trove of collectibles. Ranging from modish and refined to period antique furniture, there's definitely something for everyone.



OETEO was born. That’s Ee-Tay-O”, spoken with the newfound zest and energy after using our products. Combining 40 years of experience in the apparel industry, and a whole lot of creativity, we successfully created a line of fuss-free and incredibly comfortable baby apparel. 

One of our best loved products is Easyeo, a first- of -its kind baby romper without zips and buttons. How’s that convenience? 

But we’re more than just a fun brand name and a clever product. OETEO is the belief that parenting should be enjoyable for everyone involved. Whether it’s Daddy, Mummy or baby. 
Because these moments, precious as they are, don’t happen twice. And we want you to embrace the moment , knowing that everything else has been taken care of.



Colloquial Singapore Clothing for everyday wear. Nothing else but fun and quirky.

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Named after the Founder’s mum affectionately known as Aunty Hong to people around her, the eponymous brand carries true Singaporean bakes and snacks of top quality, hand-made personally and hand-picked by Aunty Hong herself. Aunty Hong grew up in an era where festive treats were a labour of love meant to be shared and enjoyed. True to her giving spirit, AUNTY HONG pays homage to the warmth of food and family. 


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BLACK BY BLUE BRAVE, a professional watch brand originates in Singapore, was born for the luxury consumers who advocate innovation, possess fashion sense, pursue independence. They are the trendsetters with cool personalities who know how to appreciate the emerging, quality and artistic watches beyond famous traditional brands. 4B Watches creates an unparalleled, incomparable and irreplaceable style by tactfully fusing various colours, exquisite designs and innovative textures into every watch. 



Duxton is about the confidence that comes from daring greatly, stepping into the arena each day. And in the arena of modern life, often isolating and chaotic, we need things close to us, that touch us, to keep it real. Let Duxton be that partner in your journey. 


Whether it’s asking someone out on a first date, coming out to your loved ones, or jumping into a new industry — that is daring greatly. When you dare greatly, you are Duxton. 



Kim Choo Kueh Chang's Nyonya rice dumplings have been a mainstay in Singapore’s diverse epicurean tapestry since 1945 ( 60 Joo Chiat Place ). Many covet its rich taste, finely woven around the humble delicacy. But more importantly is its ability to preserve the traditional, unyielding to the hands of time and untainted by the modern. Today, Kim Choo offers a wide variety of products and services, which seeks to revitalise the Peranakan heritage. As one of Singapore's oldest heritage family business, they have been tasked with the responsibility to manage a Singapore Visitor Centre for the precinct of Katong & Joo Chiat along 111 East Coast Road. Their handmade delicacies require you to travel and explore the eastern part of Singapore. It is not a convenient food that you can find easily, but it is surely rewarding for those who enjoys and appreciate the nuances of rediscovering our island’s shared heritage.

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Mildly Pink is a Singapore-based female hand-made jewellery label, born out of the founders' passion to portray the world with a magical twist. Committed to delivering delicate and unique wearable art pieces, Mildly Pink’s nifty crafting skills is a differentiating factor for its products. The themes of our earrings are often associated with nature, animals, or anything that sparks joy. Best known for its individualistic, high quality and vibrant products, Mildly Pink seeks to bring positive energy and happiness to the masses. 



SANTUS™ comes from a Latin word meaning “freshness”.

The "U"-shaped logo represents the perfect blend: you the wine-lover, a glass of wine, and an upside-down bottle of wine.

Together they reflect our commitment to deliver a perfect fresh-from-the-bottle glass of wine at your next or subsequent pour.