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Introducing TaFF x ACM: The Museum Collection, a retail initiative that calls for Singaporean designers to develop curated collections inspired by the material history and heritage of our region. 

This special collection promises to shine, with five jewellery designers tasked with creating pieces influenced by antique treasures at the Asian Civilisations Museum. 


featured brands


B.P. de Silva Jewellers

A natural and rare Blue Sheen Moonstone gleams at the core of each jewellery piece in B.P. de Silva's Moonlight Collection; every playful, custom-cut cabochon was chosen by the brand's Gem Specialists, as an homage to the eras before gemstones were faceted, and also emulate a soft, alluring glow akin to evening skies.  
The idea for this contemporary take on signet rings came from a rainy evening, and the twinkling lights dancing across the night sky felt especially captivating. The fluid form is a nod to seasons that inspire warm nostalgia and love, and also makes for a tactile treat to wear everyday.  


Boheme SG

Xanadu: an idealized place of great or idyllic magnificence and beauty. While Xanadu was occupied only briefly, being destroyed in 1368, it became a place of legend, its name romanticized in popular culture as a wondrous exotic place where one of the most powerful rulers in the world held court. The discovery of the dragon heads, and other remains from Xanadu, paints a picture of what the site looked like. It was a vibrant, cosmopolitan capital, a cultural melting pot, filled with amazing temples and stunning palaces, gardens, waterways and exquisite art fit for an emperor who ruled over a quarter of the world's population, and the biggest empire on earth.  The dragons found in Xanadu and the ones ornamenting many  pieces  in  the  museum  inspired  me.  Dragons were the symbol of the emperor, bringing luck and good fortune.  The Garden of Eden pieces are inspired by the Peranakans jewellery especially the bride headset masterpiece. Pieces in Peranakan culture are designed in accordance with a number of popular motifs such as the dragon, phoenix, waterfalls, flowers, stars,  and  fruits  with  each  symbol  having  a  particular  meaning  and significance relative to both the wearer and the occasion. The harsh dragon, also the symbol of all sins, contrast with the delicateness of the floral set. 

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Marilyn Tan Jewellery 

Inspired by tiny 20th-century jewellery stencils at the ACM, The Museum Collection by Marilyn Tan Jewellery is a re-imagined & magnified 3 to 6 times larger than the originals. Matte & high polished vermeil work is chosen as the key material to echo historical significance of Sepia tones & old Black & White photographs in the John Thomson Collection circa 1876; The Ethnographic Black & White Photographs. Material & Finishes include .925 silver. Matte & high polish vermeil, in tribute to the original, a modern 21st Century twist in Matt Black plating of the same pieces, and thick Black silk cord for easy length adjustment for the necklaces inspired by Elsa Peretti’s work for Tiffany. The pieces will have softer more rounded edges than the originals for tactility & wearability. 

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Pearly Lustre

Asian Civilisations Museum Jewellery Gallery & Naomi’s captivating illustration of the beautiful Southeast Asian Jewellery Collection touches our heart to make a new creations stimulated by this long unbroken fascinating history of antique jewellery and Pearly Lustre excitement of a vigorous new flowering into the future. 

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State Property

As we look through the ACM collections, we find ourselves drawn to two groups of jewellery – jewellery that signify life, and those that mark death. These symbolisms resonate with our experience of fine jewellery as objects intimately intertwined with the stages of life.​

Through this collection, we explore the symbolic elements that celebrate the cyclical nature of our existence. Floral carvings symbolise fertility and vitality whilst pearls take the place of diamonds in sombre mourning. These nostalgic touches meld with familiar and contemporary State Property silhouettes, coming together in an old-world-new-world synergy that is both effortless and compelling.

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