Mentorship is a recognized approach to help foster professional development. Whilst Design Orchard is set up to nurture the growth of local brands, we also want to ensure that we are investing resources in brands that are committed to growing further through Design Orchard’s mentorship programme.

Our personalized mentorship programme is aimed at matching young, emerging local brands with successful entrepreneurs, so that brands can learn insights or seek strategic guidance from their mentors to improve and grow their businesses. 


 By pooling together a network of successful leaders as mentors, we also hope to provide opportunities for emerging brand owners to tap into a wealth of corporate knowledge and expertise. Ultimately, the aim of the programme is to nurture and grow these brands both locally and globally, which could entail guiding the brands to internationalise their businesses.








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Lead Mentor | Regional Head of Brand Acquisition at ZALORA Group, Rocket Internet GmbH

It’s been super exciting to work with Quanda from Gnome & Bow.


He is incredibly passionate about his brand and has amazing product knowledge.


On that note, I am sure that with his humility and drive, Gnome & Bow will be very successful."

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Lead Mentor | Country Head for Tourism Western Australia, Singapore & Malaysia

"I joined the Design Orchard mentorship programme as I see it as an opportunity to nurture new founders/ business and to be a better leader. It is also a way to challenge myself in dealing with complex business situation at various new startup stages.  

I felt very excited meeting Valley from Photo Phactory as I am a big fan of the arts."

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Lead mentor | Director of Operations for Starbucks Coffee Singapore

Temple Candles, Kendall, on her mentorship with Kelly: 


Kelly’s advice as a Mentor has allowed me to see a different perspective on the operational side of my business. 

When you have built a brand from the ground up, it is so helpful to have someone come in from the outside with a fresh perspective, who can easily point out areas that need working on."