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Shop the Change

Make Fashion Sustainable

6 Jul - 18 Aug 2022


#ShopTheChange with Design Orchard this Sustainability Season with a curated collection of sustainable and eco-conscious products made by our local brands.


Stay tuned to an exciting line-up of workshops that can help you integrate sustainable practices into your lifestyle, interests, hobbies and more!


Every seemingly small impact can make a big difference. Together we can shop locally, consciously

and sustainably for a greener future.


Let’s make a difference.

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For the Repreve collection: 


(1) Usage of sustainable fabrications such as Repreve which has a considered and compliant supply chain network. As well as an interesting recycling process that turns plastic bottles into fabric material 


(2) The design elements of this capsule are a combination of mindful fabric consumption, functionality and intentional aesthetics. Darts that are usually utilised as functional features to create shape in a garment have been pivoted and exposed on the outside in intentional placements to marry form and function. 


(3) Our capsule wardrobe matrix in our planning process that ensures that shoppers purchase quality investment pieces. 



All our products are intentionally made with the environment in mind – from our Eco-Friendly medium, Jesmonite, right through to our No-Waste Production Policy where we re-uses remnants from our production and workshop. We further reduce our carbon footprint by using minimal machinery in all our production as well as contributing part of our profit to the Garden City Fund which aims to plant 1 million trees by 2030. 



At Dirty Manners, we're focused on becoming the most responsible version of ourselves and approach sustainability from every angle. From the material we source, to the way we package our goods, and the organisations we partner with, we are constantly striving for better, one step at a time – these are our manners. 


We invest in sustainable fabrics; it’s our priority to find the most responsible solution for all fabrics that we use, as well as reducing our reliance on virgin materials. 


As part of our mission to promote circularity and eliminate waste, we have repurposed our own production offcuts into hangtags to achieve a zero-waste collection. 


We design for longevity; this not only means using high-quality materials that last, but to offer thoughtfully designed collections that emphasize longevity over momentary relevance. 

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Our products are handcrafted by heritage artisans using organic cotton and TENCEL™ with azo-free dyes. NOST also partners with weavers, batik and block-printing artisans based in Asia to create timeless, comfortable pieces that will stay in your closet for years to come.

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Our products are sustainable because our brand grew out of an “untouched treasure” origin, where the discovery of our now-patented Japanese turmeric transformed from agriculture waste to amazing ingredients that provide multiple skin health benefits.  


In the same vein, we started exploring true recycling solutions, and implemented a recycling initiative in Singapore, collecting empty plastic skincare bottles from all brands, to convert them into non-fossil fuel-derived fuel, with other distinct benefits such as landfill diversion, enhanced plastic circularity, increased supply of sustainable fuel, and avoidance of virgin crude oil. 



We have

0% water in our formula,

0% plastic packaging and

100% recyclable aluminum bottles and paper refill pouches


As we do not dilute our shampoos with water, each concentrated 100g bottle can last for over 100 Washes.


For every THE POWDER SHAMPOO™ sold,

we save 5 plastic bottles from landfills and

5 litres of clean water & a tree is planted in a biodiversity conservation in Tanzania. 

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Our products are sustainable because they are made out of recycled materials such as PET water bottles and ghost fishing nets.


These waste materials are collected from recycling plants, landfills, manufacturing facilities and the ocean. They are then purified and regenerated into nylon and polyester. Our styles are also reversible, mix and match and multi-purpose so you can maximize the wear of your pieces.



Approximately 500,000 disposable wooden chopsticks are discarded each day in Singapore.


CHOPVALUE collects this urban harvest and transforms it into a newly engineered material that not only replaces but outperforms solid wood. Instead of taking more from our planet, we use our waste to create circular and sustainable products. Additionally, we manufacture locally and by hand, greatly minimising our carbon footprint. So far, we have recycled over 60 million chopsticks storing almost 90 thousand kilograms of carbon which would have otherwise been released into the atmosphere. 

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Since 2020, we have chosen to exclusively manufacture our garments in more sustainable fabrics such as TENCEL™, organic cotton and deadstock fabrics. Our choices are primarily driven by wearability, and extending the lifestyle of our garments. All of our scrap fabrics are repurposed into accessories or circular projects. We have also invested in biodegradable packaging made from recycled materials.



Nyananyana Eco focuses on a better product for the maker, the consumer, and the earth at every stage of the supply chain. Our Eco Batik uses certified (GOTS, Oeko-Tex, or GRS) fabric and also precious hand-woven fabric, with natural dye from plants. Most importantly, we care about people too; we advocate for ethical labour practices throughout our supply chain, engaging with crafters in rural areas and disadvantaged communities across Java Island. Our design also reduces consumerism through their multi-wear function.



All our products are at least 80% upcycled, made by repurposing dead-stock fabric and other unwanted materials. During production, we are very mindful of our waste.


This is reflected in our “Scrap Collection” which is made up entirely out of patchwork using fabric scraps from production into new one-of-a-kind designs of existing products. Our packaging is also 100% reused. 



Brand Ayesha shares the joy of heritage craftsmanship through responsibly-made fashion, home and gifting products.


We use 100% sustainable and natural materials for our products, focus on small-batch, low-waste, low-carbon production processes, while providing opportunities to sustain employment, culture and heritage crafts techniques.


Conscious material usage, production processes and social impact are the key pillars of Ayesha's sustainability ethos. The brand is on a mission of demystifying the connection between heritage crafts, the environment, society and the individual, with the goal of building a cleaner and calmer world.

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We upcycle pre-loved clothing pieces that would have otherwise been discarded. During the design process, we also ensure that we make use of as much of the fabric as possible to reduce further wastage. Our pieces are also ethically made in small batches to avoid overproduction.

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We produce our garments in small batches to avoid overproduction and waste, ensuring that our manufacturing process is environmentally responsible.


We are also committed to sourcing more sustainable fabrics that require less chemical processing such as TENCEL™ which is produced by environmentally responsible processes from the sustainably sourced natural raw material wood.

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Our products are sustainable because of our conscious choice of material and mindful practice of minimising waste. Our sleek and beautiful accessories are typically made of recycled aluminium, which takes up to 95 percent less energy to produce than primary aluminium. As for our product packaging, we use recycled felt. 

We have previously launched a programme which aimed to close the loop on past season items. Customers could return unwanted styles and receive a discount voucher for new purchases. We melted these returned items and reused the material to make new products. However, this programme has been disrupted by COVID, and we are hoping to relaunch it in the near future.



Our products are sustainable because they are upcycled from mostly locally sourced vintage tableware. Some of the dishes are new, while others are pre-loved in good condition. By upcycling these dishes, we breathe new life into once forgotten items with an updated contemporary look.


We hope our simple creations will give a newfound appreciation to these humble plates, bowls and cups that many Singaporeans have grown up with and is part of our local heritage. 

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