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Ignite your style with creations from brands that think with passion, work with passion, and Made With Passion, from 19 August to 4 October. Made With Passion celebrates lifestyle brands that make up the rich tapestry of Singapore. No matter the brand – passion is what fuels them on their journey. Bring home pieces from these amazing brands across categories like Fashion, Accessories, Beauty and more at Design Orchard.

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Baju by Oniatta is a clothing line founded by Oniatta Effendi, dedicated to reviving Batik by reinventing the way it is worn and appreciated.


A lover of batik and traditional textiles, Oniatta was inspired to learn more about her Indonesian roots through uncovering the rich narratives behind the symbolism and motifs of each handmade batik cloth.


Oniatta hopes her label can educate others on the beauty and heritage of Batik as a fabled cloth.



Commune seeks to encapsulate quiet modernity in its designs by unifying intelligent function with effortless form.  


From cutting and moulding to bending and sanding, the craftsmen take careful effort to ensure that every piece feels great in a customer’s hand – and fits right into their home.


With a human-centric philosophy, Commune’s in-store experience also leverages AR technology to help buyers visualise their space and choose the right furniture that best suits their needs.

ginlee studio_edited.jpg


Established in 2011, GINLEE Studio is a contemporary womenswear label helmed by Singaporean & Israeli designers Gin Lee & Tamir Niv.


Equipped with Fashion and Industrial design backgrounds, their designs extend towards 3D elements that not only flatter the female form, but make wearable pieces of art.


They take immense pride in creating thoughtfully-designed pieces that are mainstays in ones’ wardrobe, with an emphasis on slow fashion. At GINLEE Studio, it’s about Making Fashion Matters. 

hook coffee.jpeg


The freshest specialty coffee roasted right here in Singapore, infused with a generous sprinkling of fun and imagination, for you to be your own barista at home — these are the tenets that keep the team at Hook Coffee grinding.


Whether it’s delicious bags of gourmet whole coffee beans or grounds named 50 Shades of Earl Grey and Gold Digger, drip coffee bags with brews such as Singablend inspired by well-loved local iced gem biscuits, or Nespresso® -compatible capsules in a flavour called Yaya Kakaya, Hook Coffee does it with aplomb.

lingwu .jpeg


A thoughtful edit of timeless leather accessories for the true individuals. We design essential core products that are functional with a versatile beauty – how we contemplate the way our products are produced, and the appreciation of longevity in our designs.


The narratives behind our products create room for conversation with our interpretation of style.

sabrina goh.jpeg


SABRINAGOH is a forward-thinking contemporary fashion brand established in 2009 with an enduring goal to present an inspired view of design. 


SABRINAGOH continues to elevate the creative values of interplay between menswear and womenswear, conscious detailing and innovative exploration. Presenting an unfolding narrative in its years-long trajectory, the label has constantly danced between a pure, minimalist outlook and covert, playful subversion.  


Each collection is a meditation on a given theme, across an array of topics from the seasons to textiles, aesthetics, craft, patterns and architecture. 

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With the bold spirit of adventure at the core of all its creations, BOLDR Supply Co. was dreamed up in 2016 to fill a gap for stylish yet affordable everyday tool watches and tough outdoor gear.


The brand’s design-centric, utilitarian timepieces combine modern and classic elements with time-honored horological technologies.


With an inclusive vision of venturing forward together, BOLDR Supply Co. actively supports communities in need and aims to achieve 80% sustainable products and packaging in the near future.

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At Edupod, we believe learning spaces are created together, and the need for high-quality furniture and learning resources makes a positive learning environment for our children.


A child’s journey of exploration of the world begins with play - through pretend play, creative science kits, and playgrounds. We encourage you to explore, to imagine and to experience PLAYSCAPE.

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Gnome & Bow designs premium leather bags and wallets inspired by storybook classics. Imagine the Hare & Tortoise zipping across your bag or a Jekyll & Hyde bag that reverses from classy to quirky.


Like reading a good book that lures you to uncover its secrets, interacting with their products will reveal clever storytelling elements. Plot twists, mysterious characters and evocative quotes are reimagined into their unique designs.


Wallets are literally housed in a storybook, a delightful treat for the curious who receive them as gifts. 

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Pure Imagination is a small batch, bean-to-bar chocolate focused concept by Janice Wong. From a humble cacao pod, we invite you to tap into what our name suggests, as we explore every step of its journey to become the glorious bar you are about to enjoy today.


We work closely with farmers who’ve become friends in cocoa-rich regions of the Philippines, Ecuador, Thailand, Colombia and Peru. Our ambitions in growing Singapore’s first bean-to-bar chocolate and developing new flavour frontiers through pushing the
boundaries of fermentation and ageing seek to inspire your imagination.


Let us begin this untamed journey into
Pure Imagination.



PINKSALT is a modern swimwear label based in Singapore since 2017. The founders started the company because they believed that fashion deserves a place in contemporary swimwear and wanted to introduce unique swimwear and resort wear silhouettes coupled with original digital prints to the market.


PINKSALT believes that swimwear should be comfortable, flattering and versatile, and this dictates the direction of their designs.

state property.jpeg


State Property is a contemporary fine jewellery label rooted in Southeast Asian city-state, Singapore. Founded by a jeweller and an industrial designer, the label navigates the cusp of art and design, fusing contemporary approaches to design with traditional craftsmanship.


Inspired by Mother Nature and where she meets science, State Property plays with structured silhouettes in precious metals juxtaposed against the soft textures of the body, offering subtle yet adventurous pieces for those with an appetite for both style and quality.


Now available in the United States, the United Kingdom and Singapore, State Property is quickly becoming a cult favourite across the globe, with fans that include some of the most influential women, like Michelle Obama, Nicole Kidman, and Lady Gaga.

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Brewerkz helped kickstart Singapore’s craft beer story in 1997. Bringing in full-flavoured fun to the local indie beverage scene, Berwerkz’s constant flow of tasty experimental beers are a product of their love for exploration and passion for the artisanal craft.  


As a true original, this home-grown brand is dedicated to creating exciting experiences to tickle the senses of craft beer lovers anywhere in the world.



EDEN + ELIE is a design-led, socially conscious jewellery brand based in Singapore that develops individuals from communities in need into skilled artisans, empowering them to live more independently.


Pairing traditional bead-weaving techniques with modern materials such as glass beads and premium gold-plating, our heritage-inspired jewellery is a testament to slower times, when love was embedded in beautiful, meticulously crafted heirloom pieces.

herbal pharm_edited.jpg


With nutrition and wellness at our heart and soul, Herbal Pharm has been staunchly committed to discovering and innovating premium-quality nutritional supplements and all- natural, organic lifestyle products for the past 18 years.


We believe that having a human touch is essential to create a hassle-free shopping experience for our customers, such as same-day delivery.


Also, we understand how the natural environment could impact people’s health and wealthness. We always strive for sustainable practices. Herbal Pharm - For A Better You.

kew organics.jpeg


During her quest for a lasting and hassle-free solution to treat her persistent acne problems, founder Lily Kew discovered the goodness of water-based organic beauty which liberated her from makeup ever since.


Kew Organics' desire to impart the joy of clear skin sans makeup has shaped its disruptive thinking of the concepts of Cleanse, Tone and Hydrate. It supports fair trade and uses 100% recyclable Miron glass bottles to protect products from UV rays and to extend shelf life.


Suitable for all skin types and climates, its five salons and an online store serve up bespoke organic facials and products for clear, healthy, and makeup-free skin, affirming its ethos that bare skin rocks.

reckless ericka.jpeg


Established in 2009 with a distinctive fashion aesthetic, RECKLESS ERICKA is a Singapore fashion label co-founded by Afton Chen and Louis Koh. With emphasis on craftsmanship, collections are designed in-house and are produced in ethically sourced factories using quality materials.


This concept is a constant narrative for the brand in creating a more sustainable and mindful business that offers an alternative voice to fast fashion.

the animal project.jpeg


The Animal Project (TAP) is a social enterprise that celebrates the abilities of our artists with special needs by curating quality lifestyle products from their artworks. Each artist who are very interested in animals, enjoys drawing them quickly and intuitively without hesitation.


Artists earn income from every product sold. We also provide employment opportunities for persons with special needs. 50% of our net profits are directed to initiatives to support inclusion and celebrate the abilities of the special needs community.

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