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Many women carry notions of how their body is not perfect or is disproportionate. They believe that dresses don’t flatter them. Many times, these beliefs develop because women wear the wrong size / styles for their body size and shape. Our dresses do not require women to fit into a fixed size, but rather our styles wrap around their bodies to give them a great fit. With every purchase, we also support an NGO in India to ‘Do Good’, so our customers Look Good, Do Good and Feel Good.


Conceptualized in 2020 by Nikasha ( founder of brand Nikasha), “Nika” was born to fill that space, that void, between context, consumption and simple wishes. To make the world not just a place to live, but a moment in time for even the other to thrive. 


“Nika” Is dedicated to the handloom and textile industry. To the women, in dusty villages, in far flung corners of our earth, who make their livelihood from these basic, yet intricate crafts. 


“Nika” is dedicated to them, our sisters. Born to tell their story. Of integrity, of beauty, of giving, and receiving. Born of singular purpose. To reach out to these women, whose lives touch our own. Through the yards of cloth they work with, the yards of cloth that gently embrace us. 


While creating one of a kind products, from apparel to accessories, “Nika” brings the lives of these precious women a little closer to our own.  


Most importantly, “Nika” is born to spread positivity, peace, love and happiness. To you. And to them. 


Inspired by the glamorous tropical island of Singapore, TEMPLE Candles range of Home Fragrances capture the luxuriance of the tropics and romantic travels of the Orient.

A stylish range of Candles, Diffusers and Hand & Body products that draw inspiration from natural Oriental botanic scents.

Join us on a sensory journey to the exotic Far East.


Our gorgeous range of table decor sets are made from laminated synthetic paper and are reusable, pocket friendly and high on style! They are easy to keep clean - just wipe down after use. No more worrying about stains and dry cleaning! 

Our bold and unique sets come with a table runner, placemats, coasters and white paper napkins with a matching napkin wrap. All neatly packed in a box, making this a great gift as well! 


Queenmark aims at being an iconic statement of fashion, sophistication and luxury. It is an initiative to re-create style from its extensive collection of Cashmere and Pashmina shawls. 

Quality and creativity lie at the heart of Queenmark philosophy. Our assortment reflects the promise of a cultural heritage seeking balance between traditional embroidery skills and modern inspiration. Each product is a mark of great artistry and craftsmanship that merge together in a perfect blend defining a whole new level of sophistication and luxury.  


Queenmark started from Singapore in 2013. During a trip in Mongolia Rajul chanced upon cashmere as she was exploring the rich culture of the plains. The touch of the cashmere was so soft, the fine threads weaved to create an amazing canvas for Rajul to work upon. Rajul’s artistic touch is perhaps what makes Queenmark unique. For her Queenmark is an expression of her art, which she wants to incorporate in a way of lifestyle defined by – texture of fabric, vibrant colors and thoughtfully designed patterns. Her focus is to create a brand known for its quality, sophistication and creativity.  


The Jewel Box is a family-owned private fine jewellery atelier. For over 30 years, we have been creating extraordinary, one-of-a-kind, heirloom-quality jewellery pieces that resonate with our client’s personal stories, achievements and dreams. Every piece is handmade by our master craftsmen, using traditional and modern jewellery techniques and only the finest quality precious stones. 

We take you on a journey to create a perfectly personal piece of jewellery.


Indian Spicebox is a Singapore-born brand focused on bringing the magic and flavour of Indian food into more homes. With a variety of beautifully packaged organic spices, Indian Spicebox offers a great range of unique gifts. For each product sold, Indian Spicebox through its partnership with Annamrita, a charitable organization in India, helps fund hot meals for underprivileged school children. Indian Spicebox has funded a quarter million meals so far, with a goal to fund 1 million hot meals by 2025. These gorgeous products that give back make for meaningful gifts for any occasion. 


STYLEMART is the most recognized name in the Singapore fashion landscape, yet its origin is a humble one. It started in the 1950s as a tailoring shop in Changi Village and soon became a prominent name in Indian fashion in Singapore. This is a story of grit and perseverance, vision and hard work.


Mr Gobindram Baxani, a well-respected, light-hearted gentleman was the founder of Style Mart, and initially made suits and uniforms for the RAF officers during the British time.Believing in teaching his daughters independence, he passed the responsibility of his creation over to his eldest daughter, Madam Huri Baxani, who would then pass it on to her own daughter, Kavita Thulasidas- the current managing director and lead designer whose vision is the soul of the company.

Kavita ‘s skill and flair in creating garments with a fusion of Asian cultures is the signature identity of her designs and what the brand stands for. Her clients are among the elite in Singapore and beyond- from heads of state to royalties from around and afar.


Among the myriad of contenders that come and go, STYLEMART stands alone and distinct, tall and proud, close to the heart of many and true to the land it represents.