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Dragged and Drawn #3

Featuring Freakdom Archive Modelled by Lychee Bye

Hosted by Becca D’Bus

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Date & Time:


Thursday March 17, 5.30pm to 7.30pm

Level 1 Design Orchard Retail Showcase

In this last session of Dragged and Drawn at The Non Season, we feature selections from the closet and published lewks of Bobby Luo, If you’ve ever been to a club and seen some freakily dressed man flitting about, it was probably him. The session is modelled by Lychee Bye, rising Singaporean burlesque superstar. This session will be a clash of aesthetics. This session will be fun.

About the host:

Becca D’Bus

Born at the age of 27 in Boston, Becca D’Bus is Singapore’s biggest drag queen. She is the producer and host of Commotion, the only regular drag revue in Singapore, happening every Monday and Tuesday at The Projector. She enjoys making meaning through entertainment, garments, performance and organizing. In the times before the pandemic, Becca was also a producer and host of The Glory Hoes present film parties, and her drag revue series RIOT!. She has performed, produced and hosted at festivals including The Singapore Night Festival, Neon Lights, The Singapore Theatre Festival.

Instagram: @beccadbus

About Freakdom Archive

The wild clothes, accessories and otherwise undefinable wearables of Bobby Luo, nightlife stalwart, and super exciting dresser. Some of these clothes were bought, some are custom commissions and some were handmade by the man himself. These items all appear in the book “Freakdom”, available at Design Orchard.


About Lychee Bye

They’re a small round fruit with soft, sweet insides and thick skin — it’s Lychee Bye! They don’t know how to sit on chairs, they don’t know how to keep their clothes on… but at least they’re organic.

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