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Queenmark aims at being an iconic statement of fashion, sophistication and luxury. It is an initiative to re-create style from its extensive collection of Cashmere and Pashmina shawls.

Quality and creativity lie at the heart of Queenmark philosophy. Our assortment reflects the promise of a cultural heritage seeking balance between traditional embroidery skills and modern inspiration. Each product is a mark of great artistry and craftsmanship that merge together in a perfect blend defining a whole new level of sophistication and luxury.

Queenmark started from Singapore in 2013. During a trip in Mongolia Rajul chanced upon cashmere as she was exploring the rich culture of the plains. The touch of the cashmere was so soft, the fine threads weaved to create an amazing canvas for Rajul to work upon. Rajul’s artistic touch is perhaps what makes Queenmark unique. For her Queenmark is an expression of her art, which she wants to incorporate in a way of lifestyle defined by – texture of fabric, vibrant colors and thoughtfully designed patterns. Her focus is to create a brand known for its quality, sophistication and creativity.

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