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Conceptualized in 2020 by Nikasha (founder of brand Nikasha), “Nika” was born to fill that space, that void, between context, consumption and simple wishes. To make the world not just a place to live, but a moment in time for even the other to thrive.

“Nika” Is dedicated to the handloom and textile industry. To the women, in dusty villages, in far flung corners of our earth, who make their livelihood from these basic, yet intricate crafts.

“Nika” is dedicated to them, our sisters.Born to tell their story.Of integrity, of beauty, of giving, and receiving. Born of singular purpose.To reach out to these women, whose lives touch our own.

Through the yards of cloth they work with, the yards of cloth that gently embraces us. While creating one of kind products, from apparel to accessories, “Nika” brings the lives of these precious women a little closer to our own

Most importantly, with its joyous colours, dancing prints, and playful embellishments. “Nika” is born to spread positivity, peace, love and happiness.

To you. And to them.

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