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BabeCave n. : a place designed to ensure all women walking in will walk out feeling the most confident they have ever felt. This is a safe place that thrives on love, positivity and freedom. This is a place where everybody is a Babe.

Owners & best friends, Michaela Bisset and Amy Yuan both created this brand out of their combined obsession for batik fabric. They felt that the amazing batik fabrics needed to be integrated in modern style clothing so that this amazing piece of heritage and culture could be further shared and appreciated.

Often revisiting the past to create our future, every piece is Asian heritage inspired and designed with an injection of nostalgia & a vintage undertone.

Every piece is designed by us and produced locally in Singapore by our amazing talented aunties. We only believe in sustainable and ethical production of clothing and we see the process from start (fabric hunting) to finish (quality control & packing), so every piece is made with so much love from us.

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