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Since the first days in 2009 our collections are ethical, sustainable, handmade and limited edition. Using only noble materials, fabrics are woven, dyed, or open worked by hand.

Since the early days of AS’FALL in 2009 it is in our will to work with men and women who share the same values, passions and respect We have been working with small family businesses and communities who are rich of a long craftmanship experience inherited since generations in embroidery, beading, dyeing or weaving. We don't produce fabrics, we use the huge stock of this fashion world that already exists We work our own dyes, embroidery, beading, weaving, etc.

Our final products are produced locally in Singapore, using the diversity of skills that make the final assemblage.

Our partners share the same passion, respect and expertise for handmade clothes, jewelry and accessories.

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