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Limited-edition Collaborations Featuring 8 Local Designers 

From 7 January to 16 February 2022, Design Orchard Retail Showcase (DORS) will be launching four exclusive capsule collections created by locally-based fashion designers in collaboration with locally-based textile specialists – Silvia Teh x Onlewo, Max Tan x Nyananyana Eco, Thomas Wee x Binary Style and Lai Chan x Kanzi by Liza Yahya. These collaborations aim to unite industry experts with varying and complementary specialities, foster creativity and allow our locally-based designers to reach a wider audience. 

Shoppers can look forward to DORS curated selection of bright, elegant and modern fashion apparel that are apt to welcoming the new year.  

DORS is operated by Textile and Fashion Federation (Singapore) and is located at Design Orchard, Level 1, 250 Orchard Road, Singapore 238905.  

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The Laichan x Kanzi capsule collection revives the traditional handwoven IKAT to create contemporary fashion pieces.

Laichan, best known for his beautiful designs of the figure-flattering Chinese QiPao, refined classic silhouettes and striking details whilst retaining the art of handwoven IKAT and textile treatment from Kanzi Collection.

The capsule collection features a selection of apparel and accessories utilizing sustainable TENCEL™ threads, luxury elements of natural stones, and vegetable dyed leather, creating monumental pieces that demonstrate the strength of both designers.

Each piece is made to reveal the fine craftsmanship of artisans along with their efforts to preserve the tradition and cultural heritage.

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The approach to the capsule collection stems from two very functional perspectives – to create a very small capsule of pieces that can mix and match to form different looks and make pieces that are inspired and designed with the tropical dressing in mind. 

They are also mindful to present shibori in a graphic modern light – that it can be worked into fabrics such as denim and lace. They hope that this will open up conversations for designers to think of using traditional techniques and making it relevant for a modern consumer. 

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This collection of repurposed silk scarves, features light as air pieces with relaxed and slightly oversized fit for maximum comfort. A unique combination between Onlewo's signature prints and Silvia Teh's minimalist aesthetic that results in rich and modern pieces suitable for everyday wear.

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This resort line of urban tropical coordinates features a bold new print created specially for this collaboration. There are elements of Singapore's multiracial heritage expressed through the Chinese porcelain Ming dynasty vases and peonies; the Malay 'parang' ikat; the exotic Peranakan florals and the traditional Indian Paisley motifs. These breezy limited-edition pieces are perfect for a leisurely walk in the bustling city boulevard malls or a relaxing staycation chill out. 

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